Mann Talk – All I want for Christmas is Walker vs. Ackah

Ackah is standing. Morton is not.
Ackah is standing. Morton is not.

This past weekend all western MMA fans were focused on a double order of MMA featuring both WEC and Strikeforce. Naturally, on the Showtime broadcast, there were several allusions to Herschel Walker’s forthcoming MMA debut. After the show, reporters grilled Scott Coker about who would fight the Heisman Trophy winner. At this point the promotion is still looking for the proper opponent. Well, if anyone from Strikeforce is reading, I’ve got just the guy. He looks the part. He lays out former NFL players, and just this weekend he beat up a tubby Japanese fellow.

Do you remember Bernard Ackah? Don’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell. I have a feeling Johnnie Morton could not pick the guy out of a line up. On June 2, 2007, the day of the amusement that was Dynamite!! USA, Ackah’s right hand left Morton stiff as a board in the ring.

In addition to knocking out NFL castoff receivers, Ackah is also a voice actor for the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, and also made an appearance on “Ninja Warrior.”

On Saturday, he made short work of Megaton GP semifinalist Shunji Kosaka. The shrinking heavyweight was treating to a heavy diet of hard shots and was stopped after only 34 seconds. Overall in MMA, Ackah is a rather respectable, but not spectacular, 4-3.

Now, here come the reasons why Strikeforce needs to make Walker vs. Ackah.

Reason 1. If you are a believer in MMA math, then Ackah’s performance, and the failures of Bob Sapp, clearly prove that Japanese MMA is a better sport than American football. Walker must defend the honor of his beloved sport.

Reason 2. Ackah is not a world beater, and he is not a scrub. If Walker is able to beat a guy like Ackah he sort of kind of deserves to take Strikeforce card space from real MMA fighters. If he can’t handle a guy like Ackah he should go hang out with other retired Heisman Trophy winners like Eric Crouch and Ron Dayne.

Reason 3. Strikeforce, through their affiliation with Showtime, owns the video of Ackah ruining Morton’s day. A short clip of that knockout could go a long way towards selling the fight.

Reason 4. Ackah has a history with FEG. With Strikeforce’s relationship with FEG, they should have no problem bringing him over to the States.

Reason 5. All former NFL fighters should have to fight Ackah so he can develop an NFL Hunter persona. Michael Westbrook you are next.

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