“The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale” airs Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009, on Spike TV. The TUF 10 finalists Brendan Schaub and Roy Nelson will face off for a six-figure UFC contract, and Matt Hamill will face Jon “Bones” Jones in the headliner. Here are the ProMMA.info staff picks for the “TUF 10 Finale.”

Mark Bocek (156) vs. Joe Brammer (155)

DENNY HODGE: Bocek is a seasoned UFC veteran while Brammer is making his first appearance in the Octagon. Both guys have earned most of their victories by submission but this one will go to decision with both guys neutralizing each other on the ground. Bocek will continue his winning ways with a unanimous decision victory over the UFC newcomer.

DUSTY ADAMS: Brammer-Haven’t seen much of Brammer but know he is a tough guy who is strong. Bocek has some good submissions and has fought better competition. I think if Brammer keeps his cool and not rush he can win. Brammer by sub 2nd rd.

RICHARD MANN: Mark Bocek is going to win this one by submission. HE is not a very physically imposing guy, but his ground game in top notch. Joe Brammer won’t bring home a win bonus, but he will make some money from his Iron Cross t-shirt. Mark Bocek by submission.

JACK BRATCHER: Both guys are great submission fighters, and Brammer is undefeated; but Bocek has been fighting at a higher level. Both guys are great submission fighters but Bocek has been fighting at a much higher level. Bocek has won his last two fights inside the Octagon, and his only losses have been to Frankie Edgar and Mac Danzig. This is Brammer’s debut, but I see Bocek getting the decision.

Dennis Hallman (169) vs. John Howard (170)

DENNY HODGE: What can I say about Hallman? He’s been around for a long time and fought a who’s who list of MMA stars. “Doomsday” is on a roll winning his last 5 fights including two in the UFC, and will take this one to the cards, winning a close decision over Hallman.

DUSTY ADAMS: Howard-I think Howard will be able to avoid Hallman’s subs which is his main threat. I see Howard holding Hallman down and riding out a decision.

RICHARD MANN: The best job in the world would be professional Dennis Hallman fight predictor. If he can impose his will for the first 20 seconds he might stop his opponent. If he can’t do that he will gas out and lose. John Howard has the cardio and skill to avoid being Matt Hughesed. John Howard by decision.

JACK BRATCHER: Howard will definitely have the advantage standing, and I think his wrestling defense will be good enough not to get submitted. He’s fast and athletic. First round TKO for Howard.

Brian Stann (205) vs. Rodney Wallace (203)

DENNY HODGE: It will be interesting to see if Stann has rounded out his game a bit. He’s fighting a guy with one hell of a nickname: “Sho nuff the master”. He should just about get a victory just for his name. Wallace is a wrestler but has limited finishing power although his physique would tell you otherwise. Stann by KO in Round 2.

DUSTY ADAMS: Wallace-Hard to say how Wallace will be making his UFC debut. Stann impressed me by coming back and beating Cantwell after back to back losses. Stann hits hard but Wallace is the better striker although I don’t see him KO’ing Stann. I do think Wallace can submit him though. Wallace by sub 1st rd.

RICHARD MANN: If this was a contest about who had the worse nickname, then Rodney “Sho Nuff the Master” would win easily. In the actual fight Brian Stann is Sho Nuff going to lose. Wallace might be incredibly short for light heavyweight, but he proved himself by winning the VFC one night tournament. On Sept. 5 he defeated Gregory Milliard, Aaron Stark and Antwain Britt. That’s pretty impressive stuff. Look for Wallace to take down Stann early and submit the patriotic muscle head with ease. Rodney Wallace by submission.

JACK BRATCHER: I agree with Richard on this one. Stann has shown himself susceptible to submissions and that’s Wallace’s strength. First or second round submission from Wallace.

Justin Wren (251) vs. Jon Madsen (247)

DENNY HODGE: Madsen is one dimensional with his wrestling, and that is also Wren’s strength. The big difference is, Wren can finish once the fight goes to the ground. “The Viking” by submission, Round 2.

DUSTY ADAMS: Wren-Got to go with Justin. Both are great wrestlers but I believe Justin is better and I have no doubt he is the better striker. Even though Madsen comes froma solid camp, Justin is training with some of the best guys around. Wren by sub 2nd rd.

RICHARD MANN: In this matchup between wrestlers I will have to go with Justin Wren. Overall he is the better wrestler. He trains with a better team. Jon Madsen’s team, the H.I.T. squad was offering free training to any heavyweight on the underground because Madsen has no one to work with in preparation for this fight. Wren is still young and has a lot of room to improve. His UFC run starts with a win on Saturday night. Justin Wren by decision.

JACK BRATCHER: This should be a great match-up between two highly skilled wrestlers. The difference I think will be the stand-up, and that’s where Wren should get him. Wren also has much more experience. Wren via first round TKO.

James McSweeney (235) vs. Darrill Schoonover (261)

DENNY HODGE: McSweeney is giving up a ton of size, but his quickness and kicking will keep him in this fight, but Schoonover will take the decision victory after chasing McSweeney for three rounds.



JACK BRATCHER: I love this match-up. Schoonover is a bad dude and McSweeney has a ton of heart. I’m gonna go with McSweeney via decision.

Marcus Jones (262) vs. Matt Mitrione (255)

“Big Baby” will finally get his shot at “Meathead”, but nicknames aside, Mitrione can fight and has big power in his hands. Mitrione is going to stun Jones much in the same fashion as Schaub did, via TKO in Round 2.

DUSTY ADAMS: Jones-Mitrione has good power and a solid chin. However if Jones conditioning has improved I think he will take Matt down and GnP him. Jones by TKO 1st rd.

RICHARD MANN: Two former NFL players square off in perhaps the least black and white fight on the card. Marcus Jones has showed in his MMA career that he can’t take a solid punch. Matt Mitrione on the other hand was submitted by James McSweeney. Mitrione punches hard, and Jones has a solid ground game. I will go with Marcus Jones by decision, because, well, Mitrione was submitted by James McSweeney. However, do not be surprised if Jones is laid out flat in this fight. Marcus Jones by submission.

JACK BRATCHER: Going with “The Darkness” by submission. He’s too good for Mitrione on the ground. Mitrione has the advantage on the feet, but it won’t stay there long. Jones should bear hug him early and put it on the ground where he will either submit or use the “Dark crucifix” to TKO him.

Frankie Edgar (155) vs. Matt Veach (155)

DENNY HODGE: Veach is making his UFC debut and is getting thrown straight into the deep water against a streaking Edgar. Veach is undefeated but will be overwhelmed by the pace that Edgar always fights at. Edgar by TKO in Round 3.

DUSTY ADAMS: Edgar-Just an all around better fighter that keeps on improving. Veach comes from a good camp but Edgar is a step above in all phases. Edgar by TKO 2nd rd.

RICHARD MANN: The good news for Matt Veach is that he is undefeated and getting a high profile fight. The bad news is that he is going to lose. Frankie Edgar has a good combination of technical boxing and wrestling. He only struggles with fighters who make his lack of size a problem. Frankie Edgar by decision.

JACK BRATCHER: Edgar by any way he wants.

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson (212) vs. Houston Alexander (208)

DENNY HODGE: The only time this fight will hit the ground is when Alexander puts “Kimbo” there. Alexander will soften up “Kimbo” with kicks, and finish him off in the clinch. Alexander by KO in Round 1.

DUSTY ADAMS: Kimbo-He’s not a good fighter but I’m now on the bandwagon and want to see Kimbo win at least one UFC fight. Even though neither has much of a ground game I’m sure Houston’s is better than Kimbo’s but this is supposed to be a stand up war. Kimbo by TKO 1st rd.

RICHARD MANN: When I think of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson I still think of him falling on his face after eat a jab from Seth Petruzelli. Houston Alexander comes out like a ball of fire in all his fights. He will overwhelm Mr. Slice early and further embarrass the once intimidating street fighter. Don’t worry, Kimbo Slice will fight again! Tag me in coach! Houston Alexander by TKO.

JACK BRATCHER: Houston Alexander by first round TKO. Houston will use leg kicks and strikes to finish Kimbo in round one. No big deal.

Jon Jones (206) vs. Matt Hamill (206)

DENNY HODGE: You have to love Matt Hamill, the guys isn’t afraid of anything or anybody, and just keeps coming no matter how many shots he gets caught with. Jones is super long and Hamill will have to take a lot of chances to get close enough to put Jones on the mat. That being said, I think he will walk right into one of Jones’s power shots, earning Jones a TKO victory in Round 2.

DUSTY ADAMS: Jones-I like both guys. Jones is so unorthodox and athletic that I think he will keep Hamill guessing. There really isn’t an advantage for Hamill that I see. Jones by UD

RICHARD MANN: Matt Hamill is going to be blown out of the water in this fight. Jon Jones is the superior fighter in every facet of MMA. Hamill’s simplistic takedowns will not work against Jones, and Jones will land his normal assortment of wild strikes en route to a first round TKO stoppage. Jon Jones by TKO.

JACK BRATCHER: Damn this a great match up. I don’t see either guy finishing the other. I think Jones has the athletic advantage and I’ll give him the decision.

Roy Nelson (263) vs. Brendan Schaub (240)

DENNY HODGE: Schaub is a tough, young kid with a HUGE upside as a fighter, but is going up against a very seasoned vet in Roy Nelson. “Big Country” fought really reserved on the show, but I believe it was for him to show the world who “Big Country” really is in Prime time, during the finale. Schaub will give Nelson some trouble early, but once the fight hits the ground, it will end in “Big Country” winning the 6 figure contract. Roy Nelson via TKO (strikes) in Round 3.

DUSTY ADAMS: Nelson-Big experience edge for Nelson and really Nelson shouldn’t have even been on the show.  Even though he looks out of shape he has good stamina. Brendan I know has improved alot since the show and will probably do good early but then Nelson’s experience will take over. It’s awful hard to get Big Roy off of you if he’s on top. Nelson UD

RICHARD MANN: As explosive as Brendan Schaub has been in his short career, he has shown that he can’t stop takedowns. Big country will be patient and find a time to pin Schaub against the cage and drag him to the ground. Nelson might not be able to finish the fight, but he will be able to control position on the ground and win the fight. Roy Nelson by decision.

JACK BRATCHER: Roy Nelson via TKO or submission. He will take Schaub down and do what Roy does best, either put him in a crucifix and pound it out or sink in a submission on the scramble. He won’t stand and bang long with Schaub who has the advantage on the feet. Roy is too experienced and good on the ground. Roy has been in there with too many greats for Schaub to present anything new.

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