TUF 10 Finale results & play-by-play commentary

Roy Nelson takes on Brendan Schaub to see who becomes the next "Ultimate Fighter."

ProMMA.info brings you live play-by-play commentary and results of tonight’s “TUF 10 Finale” taking place at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub battle it out to see who is season ten’s heavyweight Ultimate Fighter. Kimbo Slice makes his official UFC debut against Houston Alexander, and Matt Hamill takes on Jon “Bones” Jones to see who advances up the light heavyweight ladder.

Quick Results:

•Mark Bocek def. Joe Brammer by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (3:36)
•John Howard def. Dennis Hallman by KO (punch) Rd 3 (4:55)
•Brian Stann def. Rodney Wallace by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
•Jon Madsen def. Justin Wren by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
•James McSweeney def. Darrill Schoonover by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (3:20)
•Matt Mitrione def. Marcus Jones by Knockout (punches) Rd 2 (:10)
•Frankie Edgar def. Matt Veach by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (2:22)
•Kimbo Slice def. Houston Alexander by unanimous decsion (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
•Matt Hamill def. Jone “Bones” Jones by disqualification Rd 1
•Roy “Big Country” Nelson def. Brendan Schaub by knockout (punch) Rd 1 (3:45)

Rashad Evans got this new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid from the UFC for doing a good job coaching on The Ultimate Fighter 10. Rampage might have gotten a nice ride too if he hadn't quit.

Play-by-play Commentary:

Marcus Jones (262) vs. Matt Mitrione (255)

“Big Baby” vs. “Meat Head”. Remember Meathead  on “All in the Family?” — Mitrione has UFC veteran Chris Lytle in his corner. Marcus will be looking for the takedown I’m sure, while Mitrione will want to bang it out. Should be a good fight, they don’t like each other.

Round 1 – Big Baby clinches right away and puts Mitrione down. He has side control, now in half guard. Meathead is out and up. Stil clinched. The separate and swing a few. Jones gets a hold of Mitrione again. Knee to the thigh by Mitrione. Big Baby still hanging on Mitrione. Mitrione landing some good knees to the thighs and body. Leg kick by Jones. Then goes for a guillotine. It’s an arm in guillotine. Mitrione pushes his butt up in the air to loosen it and he’s out. Jones looking for a triangle, but Mitrione is out and up, kicking the legs of the downed Jones. Mitrione lets him up. Jones throws some shots then gets the takedown but Mitrione gets right up. Still clinched. Big left hand from Jones. Mitrione swings back and gets caught. Jones shoots, gets him down, looks for a crucifix as the bell sounds. Big Baby gets the round easy 10-9.

Round 2 – Mitrione looks to be in happy. Round starts, Jones lands a punch but Mitrione lands a huge right that puts out Jones’ lights and as he’s falling down Mitrione lands another shot on his chin in the air. Big Baby is out cold. This big boys hit hard and you can’t get caught slipping at this level. Commentator Joe Rogan was just saying how under-developed Big Baby’s stand up game is. Hulk Hogan is in the audience with TNA’s Dixie Carter. Mitrione was very classy in his post-fight interview.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Mitrione def. Marcus Jones by Knockout (punches) Rd 2 (:10)

Frankie Edgar (155) vs. Matt Veach (155)

Round 1 – Veach lands a nice left hook. Veach shoots, grabs a single but Edgar is out. Edgar goes for a head kick, Veach catches the leg and slams him. Edgar gets up but Veach grabs him again and does a flying slam on him. HUGE slam. Veach slams Edgar again, Edgar right up. Never seen anyone do this to Edgar. Amazing so far. Veach looks very big for a lightweight. Edgar lands some nice punches. Edgar lands a shot to the body, and again. Right hand by Veach. Leg kick by Edgar. Nice left by Veach. Overhand right by Veach. Veach eats a left hook from Edgar. Veach swings, Edgar ducks, and Veach falls to the ground. He’s up, Superman punch but misses. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 for Veach.

Round 2 – Edgar with nice head movement. TUF 11 coaches will be announced tonight. Veach shoots, has a leg. Edgar lands some shots and gets free. Veach fires back with some shots. Left jab scores for Edgar. Huge right hand by Edgar drops Veach, his eyes rolled back, and he falls to the ground. Edgar pounces, lands multiple shots, over and over, takes Veach’s back, locks in the rear naked choke and Veach taps. Great win and showing by Edgar. Rumor has it Edgar will get the winner of B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Frankie Edgar def. Matt Veach by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (2:22)

They showed a commercial for UFC Undisputed 2010 – a preview will be shown at the upcoming video game awards.

Mark Bocek vs. Joe Brammer (previously recorded)

Round 1 – Leg kick from Brammer and punch by Bocek. Leg kick by Brammer. Huge right by Bocek scores, then he clinches. Knee to the body by Bocek. Bocek shoots and puts Brammer down, but he bounces back up. Bocek has Brammer’s back and suplexes him basically, takes his back, softening him up. Interesting note about Bocek is he used to train the Fertitta’s and Dana White in BJJ. Bocek has his hooks in, still looking for the choke. Brammer stands up and Bocek is still on his back. Bocek gets it while standing.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mark Bocek def. Joe Brammer by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (3:36)

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson (212) vs. Houston Alexander (208)

Well here we go folks. Once again… project Kimbo continues. Dana says he’s been working on those holes in his game. If Houston goes toe to toe with him it really could be a fun fight. But then again, Seth Petruzelli went toe to toe with him… I’m just not convinced this guy belongs anywhere near a professional MMA cage. Even if his opponents PROMISE not to go to the ground with him. Guess we will see once again…

Round 1 – Houston looks pumped. Kimbo looks completely dry, not warmed up at all. LOL why is this funny to me? I cannot believe Kimbo is in the UFC. Houston is circling Kimbo around the outside. Houston tried a leg kick but missed. Houston seems to not want to come into the pocket. He’s circling and circling. Crowd is booing. It’s been over a minute. Houston throws a second leg kick that misses. Houston lands a leg kick and anothe rone. And another. Kimbo calls him to come on. Crowd booing. Kimbo coming in throws a left that misses. Houston lands a nice leg kick. Kimbo is throwing now, brief exchange. Nothing significant. Crowd cheering for Kimbo. Another exchange. Houston landed another leg kick and grabbed the muay Thai plum as Kimbo swung for the fences. Houston lands some more leg kicks. Land s another as Kimbo misses with a left jab. Kimbo with a left hand and another. First round over. Damn… don’t even know how to score that. I give it to Kimbo for the aggression. 10-9.

Round 2 – Houston seems to be smiling. Houston is circling again and Kimbo is following waiting for him to engage. Leg kick by Houston, and another and another. Kimbo swings and misses. Leg kick by Houston. Rogan j ust called Houston boring. Dana White has to be hating this. Leg kick Houston and again. Left hand by Kimbo rocks Houston. Kimbo takes him down and has the full mount. Houston gets up. Leg kick by Houston, and another. Kimbo lands a shot as Houston slips to the floor. Kimbo lands a big shot to the body. Huge body slam by Kimbo. They are clinched up and Kimbo lands in full mount. Kimbo lands two big shots and takes Houston’s back. Houston covering up and Kimbo looking for a rear naked choke. LOL. Kimbo gets the mount, lands two elbows. Houston gives up his back and is covering up. Houston is out the back door and to his feet. Kimbo tries to slam Houston and he falls on top of Kimbo as the bell sounds. This has turned into a great battle. 10-9 for Kimbo.

Round 3 – Kimbo breathing hard. Houston already circling. Leg kick by Houston and misses with the second. Huge punch from Houston. They let em fly, and Houston moves in swinging now. Houston looks tired too. Kimbo being patient. Leg kick by Houston. Left jab by Kimbo and Houston lands a nice punch. Left jab by Houston. Left punch by Kimbo. Houston lands one and Kimbo shakes his head yes he likes it. Can’t believe the fight went this far. Houston drops Kimbo with a leg kick. Kimbo gets up, grabs a leg and dumps Houston on his back. Kimbo in half guard as the crowd cheers for him. Less than two minutes left. Kimbo laying, and lands a body shot that scores. Ref stands them up and Houston is exhausted. Leg kick by Houston and again, and again. Houston tearing that leg up with kicks. Crowd booing again. Kimbo comes in swinging, big elbow by Houston. They hug it out. I give this round to Houston 10-9 but I give the fight to Kimbo 29-28. It’s pretty close though.

Never thought I would see a boring fight from Houston Alexander. The one person you think who will go toe to toe with Kimbo and he pulls this. AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH – You KNOW Dana is hatin it. Crowd boos.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kimbo Slice def. Houston Alexander by unanimous decsion (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Jon Jones (206) vs. Matt Hamill (206)

Round 1 – This should be very entertaining. Jones is so damn athletic. Hamill looks ready. Leg kick by Hamill. Jones is so long. Front kick misses by Jones. Leg kick by Hamill. Left hook connects by Hamill, then scores with a leg kick. Jones’ legs are so damn long. Leg kick Jones. Hamill’s striking looks much better. body kick by Jones. Hamill with a spinning back fist. Eats a leg kick. Hamill grabs a single leg but can’t get it completed. Jones with a spinning elbow that misses. Big leg kick by Jones. Knee to the body by Jones. OMG, Jones tripped Hamill hard. Jones full mounts him and is laying on the most aggressive ground and pound I have ever seen. Hamill blocking most of it. Hamill is cut. 1:30 left in the round. Jones cutting him up with sharp elbows. Jones got a point taken because Jones threw a 12-to-6 elbow right in Hamill’s face. So Jones gets a point deduction because it was illegal, however, he wins the fight. Does that make sense? Not sure… Hamill’s nose is cut badly. — OK, this is what should have happened… he was disqualifed in the official ruling. It makes sense. If the fighter cannot continue after an illegal shot, the guy who threw the illegal blow should be DQ’d in my opinion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hamill def. Jon “Bones” Jones by disqualification Rd 1

Apparently, Hamill hurt his arm and could not defend Jones’ ground and pound.

James McSweeney vs. Darrill Schoonover (previously recorded)

Round 1 – Schoonover is in trouble early as McSweeney has standing guillotine. He takes it to the ground, Schoonover pops out and is in McSweeney’s full guard, where he proceeds to elbow the crap out of Schoonover’s head. Titties stands up and lands some kicks to the legs, then jumps on full mount, moves to half guard, but still on top of McSweeney. McSweeney reverses, gets on top in full mount and is landing ground and pound, takes the back, then back to top position. McSweeney stands up and lands a stomp on Schoonover’s belly. Knee to the face by Schoonover and rocks him with several big shots. McSweeney with a perfect front kick to the chest that knocks Titties back. (sorry but Titties is a lot easier to type quickly than Schoonover :)).

Round 2 – I need a nickname for McSweeney too – that name is too damn long too. Let’s call him McSween. A right hand by McSween that turns into a schoolyard semi-choke to push to the ground. McSween goes to the ground with Titties in his guard. McSween lands some big shots to the mid section. McSeen scores with some big punches as he postures up and Titties is on his knees. Titties grabs a leg, lets go when McSweeney starts pounding. (ok I’ll go back to typing their names… I just can’t bear to keep calling him Titties) They scramble and McSweeney ends up on top. McSweeney gets full mount with 15 seconds to go. Elbow to Schoonover’s head after the bell.

Round 3 – Knee to the body scores for McSeeney. Schoonover moves in and McSweeney trips him from behind his leg VERY HARD, he slams to the mat. McSweeney pounding from side control with his elbow and forearm. McSweeney still controlling as Schoonover scrambles, and they stand them up. Big right hand by Schoonover scores. Schoonover seems to be in great shape actually. Front kick by McSweeney scores. Left jab by Schoonover, and another front kick by McSweeney, followed by a big flying knee to connects perfectly to the chin that rocks Schoonover, he’s on queer street, then eats a head kick, another knee, and a big right hand that drops Schoonover. It’s over. That was a beautiful win for McSweeney and some high level striking deep into the bout.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James McSweeney def. Darrill Schoonover by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (3:20)

TUF 10 FINALE – Roy Nelson (263) vs. Brendan Schaub (240)

Here we go folks, this could be the fight of the night. Schaub came in to Rhianna and Big Country comes in to Michael Jackson. In the ProMMA.info STAFF PICKS I picked Nelson to win this fight, and from what I remember most of our other guys did too. Brendan has a great future regardless of the outcome. He’s in a great camp, his training partner is Shane Carwin, so he don’t have to worry about fighting him, and that has to help, right? And I have wanted Roy in the UFC for a long time. He is as legit as it gets.

Round 1 – Nelson goes toe to toe and Schaub lands some jabs right away. Nelson shoots but gts stuffed and Brendan fires away lands a bunch but Roy covers up and defends. Roy gets the clinch and gets Brendan down pretty easily. He is in Brendan’s half guard, now gets side control. Brendan trying to scramble, and buck out. Roy looking for the crucifix. Brendan gets up and this is bad for Roy and his pretty hair. Schaub lands some good shots. Roy lands a right that glances. Schaub lands a left jab. Right jab by Schaub. Schaub eats a big right from Roy. Roy with a right, then clinches, Brendan shoves him off. Left hook by Schaub. Roy not scared to go toe to toe and he just knocked Brendan Schaub out cold!!! YES BABY YES!! FORREST GRIFFIN IS SEEN GIVING A STANDING AUVATION! RASHAD LOOKS DUMBFOUNDED, he trains with Brendan. It was a big right hand behind Brendan’s ear that put him down and then a final bomb to seal the deal.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roy “Big Country” Nelson def. Brendan Schaub by knockout (punch) Rd 1 (3:45)

Dana White awards him the victory, presents him with his plaque, and announces Roy Nelson as The Ultimate Fighter season 10 winner of a six-figure contract with the UFC. Roy said he’s a little tired and wants to go get some Burger King. Roy says what is next is he is ready to face any of the heavyweights that they want to give him.

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  1. Who ever thought that Kimbo and Houston would go the distance. Unreal. Kimbo showed some ground game. Boring fight!!

  2. dude the ufc is fixed. when have u ever seen alexander not throw anything till round 3? this crap was fixed so kimbo didnt look bad, that also ensures dana can make money off kimbo.. im done with ufc.. kimbo sucked and alexander was obviously paid off.. noway kimbo would beat a guy who ko’d 2 of the ufc’s best fighters. just showed hosuton was paid not to hurt kimbo.. alexander is a striker not a kickbioxer.. gimme a break. dana should have tried to hide that plan a lil better

  3. It was quite unlike Houston to slug right away, but Houston had a game plan. He knows the hype behind Kimbo and his one punch KO so he respected that, almost feared it. Houston tried to slug at the end but was too gassed. I doubt that Dana White would try to “fix” this fight with the enormous name UFC is now. No way is Dana White trying to do what EliteXC tried to do with Kimbo. My wife and I were actually laughing when Kimbo tried the RNC from the side. Haha.


  5. Best ending to a TUF season I have ever seen! I’m so happy about this. I will be wearing my Big Country Roy Nelson shirt to UFC 107 next week for sure!! Man that was awesome.

  6. Yes, this is the Mike C. The repeat winner of the previous contests, but this time, unfortunately, there will be no 3-peat for me.

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