Regional promotions are the life blood of the sport.
Regional promotions are the life blood of MMA.

Don’t get tricked into becoming a silent partner.

I know guys that have been promoting MMA shows for years, we’ll call them “Friendly Promotions”, yet they buy the insurance for their shows from another promoter, we’ll call them “Liar Promotions”.

You can get an insurance policy for 10 shows for about what Liar Promotions charges other shows for one event. He isn’t doing you a favor, I’m not sure if it’s even legal. In fact, it isn’t, you have to be a licensed insurance agent to sell insurance, and it’s definitely illegal to allow someone else to use insurance that’s in your name for their event.

He uses this insurance angle to try and control Friendly Promotions. For example, he will tell Friendly Promotions that they can’t use fighters from a gym that he doesn’t like or that Friendly Promotions can’t send fighters to another show that isn’t a Liar Promotion’s show. Shop around guys, insurance isn’t all that expensive if you know where to go.

Another thing that Liar Promotions will do is send a show ran by Friendly Promotions a few key fighters and at the last moment pull his guys off the fight card in hopes that it will screw up Friendly Promotions’ show.

Friendly Promotions can report the fighters as “no shows” to the state and get the fighters suspended but from what I have seen, normally the fighters don’t even know that they were supposed to fight.

So it should be Liar Promotions suspended, not the fighter, in this case. What to do, what to do?

Liar Promotions has been known to call whoever the sanctioning body [ISKA, WKA, USMTA, Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority (KBWA), . . . ] is for Friendly Promotions with false claims to shut down Friendly Promotions show or just to cause Friendly Promotions shows’ problems.

Another thing that causes problems; Liar Promotions will throw a show in a town where Friendly Promotions was already running a good show and has a good following. Promoters are territorial and rightly so; it takes time and effort to build up a following in an area.

There is a code of ethics that promoters try to follow. One of the main ones is not to move in on another promoter’s territory.

I know of a case where Liar Promotions was in a town and his shows were floundering so he quit doing shows there. So Friendly Promotions waits a reasonable period of time, and then does a show in this town, in this case, over a year after Liar Promotions shut down their show there; a town in which, by the way, Friendly Promotions happens to own a school.

Friendly Promotion’s show does really well and has no problems. Liar Promotions quickly returns following Friendly Promotions success and throws a couple of shows back to back which had fights in the crowd, in the parking lot, garners MMA a bad reputation and actually manages to single handedly get ALL MMA events BANNED from the city, from the entire freaking city.

Now all the good venues in this town are kaput because they are within city limits. Liar Promotions is now holding tiny shows outside of the city limits. Friendly Promotions or any other legit promoter will not and cannot hold a show in this town because there is no venue big enough to cover the expense to hold a well done show. The fighters and fans of this town got short charged because of Liar Promotions’ greed and poor planning.

Do your research and you will see who the good promoters are and who the shady ones are. Most of the time if the promotion is throwing shows every weekend (sometimes two or more shows a weekend) they are not concerned with quality shows or about the fighters’ safety.

Do MMA a favor and support quality shows; you can learn more about MMA promoters by talking with your ISKA, WKA, KBWA, USMTA, etc. representatives. You don’t have to take my word for it. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t.

By: Ron Dayley

Ron Dayley is a trainer, manager, promoter, and owner of SSF Submission Academy. He is the author of’s “Coach’s blog” which is published about once a week or sometimes more often if he needs to vent.

26 thoughts on “Coach’s blog – promotion ethics in regional MMA”
  1. I get where you going with this one Ron but my head seriously hurt and I had a nosebleed after reading it man. Down With Liar Promotions!!!!

  2. aren’t you complaing about the same thing you did with ming over in memphis. he was your silent partner on several “charity” shows during the year. i thought promma was a bit better then this to let a promoter complain about others on their forum. This gives no one else a way to respond to these allegations. If people did the research like ron suggests they would find out that he invaded territory. He was not the first promoter in Clarksville , Murry or Fort Campbell. Ask him the real reason his show and the bar owner got kicked off post. No one retired. You don’t retire overnight. You get KICKED out. Ask ron if he is the first promoter in Hopkinsville. Yet he has a show booked there. You don’t hear anyone else complaining about it. Have a show, I hope it does well. But stop playing the PITY card. You keep pushing people so far and they will push back. You will be 5k into a show on Jan 16 and someone may do a FREE show that night. Now that would be shitty , right?

  3. We took over Ft. Campbell when Joe Dukes asked us to take over his show since he didn’t have time to do it. I’ve never done a show in Memphis or Hopkinsville nor do I have shows booked there. We never got kicked out of Ft. Campbell, MWR has been nothing but helpful to us and have helped promote our shows on base. One again, you are a lying bitter person. No names or cities were named in this blog but look who comes out crying. I don’t think you have the ability or the funds to do a free show but I welcome it. You are on the verge of going bankrupted so keep doing what you do. It only helps prove why we are the best and you are nothing.

  4. lol this is hilarious. No one is crying. I wish you would talk all this shit in person instead of leaving messages. In person your true self comes out. Meek and withdrawn. Not bitter just busy and tired of people calling about these little things. I never said you did Memphis. Your backer is from Memphis. Your one to talk about funds. Without your wife you ass would still be flipping burgers back east. As for abilities you know we can pull it off. Just because you have a hard time getting one card every quarter does not mean everyone does. Calm it down before we do start gunning for ya.

  5. I have never had a backer. My wife is great and her family is great, but back east I was a defense contractor, nope, never flipped burgers for a living. is great, this blog was about informing the public in a very brief way about the ins and outs of promotions. If you guys don’t like it then don’t read it, I don’t give a shit. And, just for anyone interested, here’s how it went down: No one was actively doing shows in Murray, KY for over a year, Jeff Moore did a show in summer 2007 in Murray with some help from SSF, then Xtreme fight league said they didn’t have time for their shows at Froggy’s on Ft. Campbell and asked SSF if we wanted to take over, we accepted and it worked out well for us. Then two other promotions started coming down to Clarksville and Ft. Campbell poaching, they both failed, SSF did one charity show to benefit a local wrestling team working with Cage Assault, all the while doing shows at Frogyy’s, then the owner of Froggy’s violated the terms of his contract with Ft. Campbell (I was told for failure to pay his employees and his utilities, don’t if that’s true or not though) and was removed from Ft. Campbell, it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with SSF, the decision was made to turn the Froggy’s venue into a gaming place for the soldiers and now we have an agreement with a new venue to resume shows in the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area. That’s it, really. I have never done a show outside of the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area, ever. Any other shows that SSF was involved in was strictly from a gym/trainer providing fighters for other promoters. And, you guys are crying, you’re right, it is hilarious bc I don’t see me commenting every single time you guys put something out there, there’s no need to comment, nobody reads anything you guys post, lmao. You guys have been gunning for me for quite some time now and haven’t accomplished anything. Whatever, I
    don’t know why I even respond to your crap, you guys are truly the stupidest, most inane, most blah blah, just go away.

  6. Wow this is better than the UFC countdown shows fight build ups. If they were going to fight I would pay to see it.

  7. we have offered to host a team and coach fight but they always find an excuse lol… and its not about liar insurance. most ppl co promote shows to cut cost. thats how small schools an afford to offer shows in their areas. they dont have the funds to host them on their own so they ask to co promote them. nothing illegal about it . just a smart business move on their part. they get to look like a bigger local presence therefore reaping the reward of increased exposure to both fans and potential students.

    and DG na it’s not that serious lol … i just like edging him a bit. he left messages on the answering machine last week that really hurt my feelings and i am venting. lol life is too short t take shit too serious. besides we have 4 shows this month and i have to get things in order for them

    promoter where are you located and i can send some information your way. cost usually depends on how many shows you offer and location. i also have access to several fighters mostly in TN and KY. both pro and ammy.

    Since ppl are reading this apparently.. anyone have any good contacts for a video cutter. i am SO tired of watching these fights and cutting them for TV.

  8. I said that I had no problem fighting anybody, but I am a pro and I’m 40 yrs old, so money has to be right. That’s always been my position on that topic; however, it’s never even made it far enough for money to be discussed. But, I would love to fight a big old fat promoter, it would be a blast. Fight Factory, I have two quotes coming back to me, once I get them I will forward the insurance contact to you if the rates are good. See, what this Dick is doing, exactly what I said, if he was trying to help you guys out, and he had a good contact for reasonable insurance, he would share the contact, not try to sell you the policy at a higher rate then it would cost you to buy out right. And, hell yes, I left you a message telling you off, I wanted to talk to you but, you guys never answer, lol. So, much for my meek and withdrawn personality, Liar. Selling a promoter an insurance policy you already paid is not co-promoting, moron, and paying amateurs to fight is not legal, Dick. And, I’m looking for a good janitorial service, any suggestions . . . heard you were the guy to talk to, lol. Anyway, this has been fun, but I have other blogs to write and miles to go in my efforts to find fights for all the fighters coming to me from these crap shows. Hahahahahahahaha, life is good!


  10. Are you shitting me? You must not know a damn thing about Ron. He just cares about himself? He takes care of all his fighters and teaches everyone well, look at how succesful his fighters are. 100 people per show haha you obviously havent been to one.

  11. Hahahaha, you guys are hilarious, went and got a new name to post under . . . too funny. The people that count know me, know my business and my fighters and they know I’m above board. This is seriously entertaining though. Top Gear’s on, I f’ing love that show. It’s very entertaining, too. Freaking beautiful cars, beautiful. But, the thing about them is you gotta be in shape to drive ’em, big fat promoters don’t fit in them, not that it matters you couldn’t afford them anyway, hahaha, I just caught myself smiling. :-D

  12. Ok, this is pretty ridiculous. I gotta vouch for Ron. I have known him for years and has always been a stand up professional.

    But if this is the same promoter that I am thinking it is I think Ron may have a point. I dont know HD very well but I cornered for a few fighters a couple of years ago at a couple of his events and the mismatches and level of competition were pathetic. They were hiring guys with no training what so ever to fight guys that had records of 10-2. One fight was a female competition where one of the girls didn’t even have a cornerman so I stepped in and helped her out and she didn’t even know a basic sweep or how to hold her hands properly. Plus her opponent had to have had 20 pounds on her. Needless to say less than a minute into the fight she walked away with a broken obital bone and a trip to the hospital. But on top of that I tried to get video footage from him for one of the fighters who is a friend of mine and after 6 months of him avoiding me I finally just said fuck it.

    Now things may have changed since then…it has been 2 years but the whole environment seemed shady to me.

  13. I had the opportunity to train in Murray under Ron. He is an extremely stand up guy. I even have sources all the way up in Owensboro, KY who say so. While I was reading this I couldn’t help but to feel that “Dick” is jealous. Ron must be doing something right to get response from all the haters, go ahead keep responding, it takes alot of time, effort and emotion to walk around pissed off at someone all the time.

  14. I have to stand up and put my two cents in now!! I’m a former fighter and proud to have fought for SSF. I fought in Paducah my first fight we showed up none of our guys bash or talked trash about any body. I remember as people started to find out who we where and who our coach was the crap started to flow from a few of there mouths. “Ron…..oh… that guy he’ll stab you in the back’ …. blah…blah..! I can say this about him he’s a hell of a guy a great coach and a very good friend. I’ve never once heard him bash anyone at shows no matter who they trained under. He gives a shit about his fighters both in the cage and out! So go about your four shows you got this month hope you can fill the card if not I’m sure you will pull guys out of the croud. Or maybe you security will put there on show on out in the parking lot after a few beers! Seen that first hand more than once don’t see the shit at Ron’s shows!

  15. Hey Max, Pretty funny eh? Good talking to you earlier today and see you Sat.

    Jonathan-congrats, boy or girl? Too early to tell yet, right?

  16. This is Harold Dick if any of my guys our posting crap on this site stop!I have read all of this junk and I am sad to say this is childish.I don’t care for Ron he doesn’t care for me.But trash talking on a computer is stupid everybody has a right to what they think as far as everbody else I am not going to play these chat room games as a fighter you fight were you want and for whom you want Ron has his supporters I have mine and if you are one of mine STOP this shit now!I don’t need anyone taking up for me I don’t have to defend anything I do if you don’t like my shows don’t fight on them.And as you know we are the bigggest or the best but we are the same today as we will be tomorrow after reading this I hope everybody stops and thinks to them self damn this is pretty silly go ahead leave your comments to this because I will not be checking them and this is the last time I reply to stupid shit.

    Harold Dick (HB DICK PROMOTIONS)

  17. i have fought on both shows and totell you the truth there is know difference.Hb puts on a good show and treats me good but so does ron and ssf i think there is people out here keeping shit stirred because they don’t have nothing better to do

  18. I have fought with both shows rons puts on good shows as does H.B dick My only probelm with SSF is there guys dont ever go pro since he’s been there they have turned 1 fighter pro in 3 years now i am not saying turn po to start off but rons ony interest is his records and how many belts his guys win… All SSf cares about is the superstars that they think can get in the ufc not about the other students that may want to fight and maybe someday turn pro even if itsat local shows

  19. I think fighter-king is criticizing me but I look at it as a complement. SSF is THE Elite MMMA school in the area. If a guy wants to fight as a low level pro for the rest of his career then there are plenty of schools and clubs for him to join. But if a guy wants to become a great fighter and make a living at MMA then we are the only choice.

    SSF has only been open for about 2.5 years in Clarksville. I turned one guy pro who has been with me for 2 years. He’s now 2-0 as a pro. His first fight was with the XFC in Knoxville. I am getting ready to turn Thomas Campbell pro and he has been with me just under 2 years. I don’t think a few years getting your skill and mind set ready is asking too much out of a fighter. Amateur records go away when you turn pro but a shitty pro record sticks around forever.

    If you go pro before you are ready then you will be stuck making $100-500 a fight for the rest of your days. You will never make it to the big show with a crap record. As a coach and as a manager I want my fighters to go as far as possible.

    Anyone at my gym is free to turn pro or take whatever fight they want but they will do it as an independent, if they want to do it as an SSF fighter then they will do it the right way.

  20. I think too many people try to turn pro way to early. It saturates the market with sub par fighters, and when the above average fighter turns pro, he has to wade through the bullshit to find a pro fight that pays decent.
    Ron is smart about who he lets turn pro, and when they can turn pro. You have to get all your experience as an ammy. Because once you turn pro, you can’t go back. Your supposed to learn as much as you can when your amateur, so when you go pro, your not overmatched.

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