Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr faces UFC vet Diego Saraiva at ‘Night of Explosions’ March 12 in Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — Clarksville’s own Nate “The Train” Landwehr will return to action in front of his hometown fans on Saturday, March 12, when he faces UFC veteran Diego “the Octopus” Saraiva in a featherweight main event at “A Night of Explosions” presented by A&A Fight Time Promotions at Austin Peay’s Foy Fitness and Recreation Center. … Read more

Coach’s blog – Shut up and get on the f’ing mat

Heart is something that can not be taught.

This is for all those guys that say they want to be fighters. If you train to get in shape, or because you like gym camaraderie, the following isn’t directed at you.

“I can’t train today because I am sore, have a cold, hyper extended my elbow, have a headache, my knee hurts…” Come on guys, training injured or not feeling 100% is part of the game.

Work through the minor injuries and discomforts. How the hell are you going to be able to hang with a guy who is willing to sacrifice his body to become the best if you won’t train because you‘re sore?

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Coach’s blog – promotion ethics in regional MMA

Regional promotions are the life blood of the sport.
Regional promotions are the life blood of MMA.

Don’t get tricked into becoming a silent partner.

I know guys that have been promoting MMA shows for years, we’ll call them “Friendly Promotions”, yet they buy the insurance for their shows from another promoter, we’ll call them “Liar Promotions”.

You can get an insurance policy for 10 shows for about what Liar Promotions charges other shows for one event. He isn’t doing you a favor, I’m not sure if it’s even legal. In fact, it isn’t, you have to be a licensed insurance agent to sell insurance, and it’s definitely illegal to allow someone else to use insurance that’s in your name for their event.

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Full results from “The SSF Invitational: Darkness” on Aug. 22 in Clarksville, Tenn.

Photo by: Jack Bratcher - One wins. One loses.
Photo by: Jack Bratcher - One wins. One loses.

“The SSF Invitational: Darkness” took place on Sat., Aug. 22, 2009 at Appleton’s Harley Davidson in Clarksville, Tenn. It was a great afternoon of fights held outdoors underneath a cloudy sky and PRO MMA ( was there to take in all the action. The fights had to be stopped a couple of times due to a light sprinkle, but the officials would spread a tarp over the surface of the cage to keep it dry, and everything worked out fine.

In addition to the fights, SSF Submission Academy’s pole dancing workout class put on a great performance, and the metal band “Infinitus” rocked the crowd before the fights and during intermission.

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SSF Invitational: New Beginning 9 – results

PRO MMA ( has the results for the “SSF Invitational: New Beginning 9” held on April 11th at Clarksville High School in Clarksville, Tennessee. This show was a MMA fundraiser to benefit the CHS wrestling team. Kathryn Norbeck-Daley, who along with her husband Ron Daley, are co-owners of the SSF Submission Academy in Clarksville. Kathryn is a CHS graduate and they both desired to give back to her Alma Mater and the community.  One of the ways they are doing that is by SSF donating $2000 to the CHS wrestling team and they would like to challenge all other area promoters to match that donation at their next show!

SSF Invitational: New Beginning 9 results:

1. Devin Majors defeats Joey Peppers- UD
2. Tevin Ingram defeats Joel Grice- RNC 1st rd
3. Marcus Hammond defeats Adam Glen- Split decision
4. Chris Pagel defeats JP George-Expo match Armbar
5. Jarrett Weston defeats Josh Mubarak-Sub 1st rd
6. Steve Degeorge defeats Charlie Jones-UD
7. Robert Bruce Ford defeats Richard Lawler-TKO 1st rd
8. Michael Grahm defeats Caleb Lyell-Triangle choke
9. Josh Lange defeats Steve Larrabee-RNC 1st rd
10. Adam Rhodes defeats Charles Alexander-UD
11. Jeron Bray defeats Shawn Brown-TKO 1st rd
12. Adam Smothers defeats Marcus Mitchell-Sub 1st rd
13. Joel Cooper defeats Michael Hollis-TKO 1st rd
14. Imad Sultan defeats Nick Davis-TKO 1st rd

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SSF INVITATIONAL: NEW ORDER 6 in Ft. Campbell, KY – results

On Saturday, January 24th, Froggy’s Fight Night hosted The SSF INVITATIONAL: NEW ORDER SSF 6 in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. It was non-stop exciting mixed martial arts action as sixteen bouts went down with not one single fight going to judges’ decision. The great news is that SSF will be doing it again at Froggy’s on … Read more

SSF INVITATIONAL: NEW ORDER SSF 6 on Jan. 24 in Ft. Campbell, KY

On Saturday, January 24th, Froggy’s Fight Night will host The SSF INVITATIONAL: NEW ORDER SSF 6 in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Seventeen bouts are scheduled for the card. Doors open at 6:00pm, fights start at 8:00pm. For more information or directions call 931-561-0917 or visit

205 Shawn Carter vs Anthony Furhman
155 Michael Skinner vs Matt Choat
145 Michael Barry vs Ian Mathis
145 Joel Grice vs Jarrett Weston
240 Jerry Forbes vs John Choat
155 Barry “Reco” Reaves vs Shane Pilkington
170 Colton Riley vs Ricky Musgrave
170 Nick Mosca vs Chris Taylor
155 Michael Chatmeyer vs Charles Costello
185 Matthew Sean Hogan vs Jeremy Baker
155 William Main vs Marcus Mitchell
170 Joey Ramsey vs Doug Sams
155 Chris Brewer vs Thomas Olive
240 Carlton Little vs Lorenz Larkin
145 Chris Scholly vs David Oliver
170 Josh “Hollywood” Lester vs Dustin West
145 Kris Perry vs Steve Durr

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QUEST SSF 3 – FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS (Ft. Campbell, KY August 2, 2008)

Here’s the matches from Froggy’s Fight Night, Quest SSF 3, Saturday night in Ft. Campbell, KY: Adam Snell vs. Zachary Beilfuss Matt Nicole vs. Robero Santos Austin Combs vs. Jeremy York – Combs win by 1st rd. TKO Kenny Degenhardt vs. Jordan Fraley Justin Phillips vs. Zach Hicks – Zach Hicks wins by 1st rd. … Read more