Bleed Blue Brawl is one of Kentucky's newest MMA promotions.
Bleed Blue Brawl is one of Kentucky's most promising up-and-coming promotions.

Thanksgiving night,’s Brian Furby attended the sophomore show of one of Kentucky’s newest MMA promotions, Bleed Blue Brawl, in Lexington, Ky.

In spite of the show being scheduled on a holiday, a strong crowd came out to support some of the area’s top fighters. A number of area teams were represented including Reaction MMA and 4 Seasons. Special guest Shawn Thompkins was in the crowd and both Junie and Robbie Browning were seen in attendance as well.

Capped off with a Lightweight (amateur) title match between David Suter and Grady Self, the card featured a total of ten fights and one grappling match.

Preston Smith vs. Ortez Thompkins

Round 1 – Smith misses with an overhand right to start and the two dance around. Thompkins falls just out of range with a pair of right hooks but connects on a third. Thompkins lands a left and Smith misses with a right. They trade rights and circle. Thompkins lands a pair of punches but shoots in and Smith stuffs him. They move back to the feet and Thompkins lands a knee to the body on the way up. Smith misses with a jab but lands a right and Thompkins connects with a left. Both miss with combinations and Thompkins scoops Smith up for a takedown. Smith gets half-guard and Thompkins lands some body shots from the top. Thompkins lands more body shots and works in some short head shots. Smith is holding Thompkins down, preventing him from posturing up but Thompkins continues to land body shots. Smith gets full guard, but Thompkins continues to land hard body shots until the round ends. Good round for Thompkins. sees it 10-9 Thompkins.

Round 2 – Thompkins falls short with a jab early. More range-testing and Smith connects with a straight right. They trade big rights and Thompkins attempts a flying knee but it doesn’t connect solidly and he falls. Thompkins gets back up and they trade more shots, Thompkins getting the better of the exchange. Smith lands a two-punch combo and Thompkins answers with a left hook. Smith lands a leg kick and Thompkins a solid jab. More circling, and then Thompkins fires off a two-punch combo that sends Smith sprawling to mat. Thompkins moves in to land more but the ref pulls him off, stopping the fight. OFFICIAL RESULT: Ortez Thompkins wins via TKO (strikes) in Round 2.

Tyrel Oeding vs. Alex Armstrong

Round 1 – Armstrong lands a solid leg kick to start and a right and Oeding moves in for the takedown and Armostrong initially defends but then goes down. A flurry of punches from both of them after they stand and Armstrong ends up in full mount, then briefly takes Oeding’s back before going back to mount. Oeding tries to sweep but Armstrong stays on top and Oeding manages to sweep him and stand. Armstrong lands a knee to the body and Oeding a short right. Armstrong pulls Oeding down again and lands in mount, landing shots from the top. Oeding rolls and Armstrong takes his back, going for the rear naked choke. Oeding briefly defends, trying to punch over his own shoulder but ultimately taps. OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Armstrong wins via submission (RNC) in Round 1.

Derek Bryant vs. Brian Tipton

Round 1 – Tipton immediately shoots in but Bryant shakes him off and lands a hard right followed by two more punches. Tipton scores a takedown but Bryant works his way to the top position, then stands. There’s a stall for a minute and the ref stands up Tipton. Tipton misses with a pair of punches and ties Bryant up against the cage. Bryant shoots but Tipton defends and Bryant goes for a single but Tipon lands a body shot and a knee to the head, then takes Bryant down and lands punches from the mount. Tipton lands more shots from the top and then quickly moves for an armbar, securing the tap. OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Tipton wins via submission (armbar) in Round 1.

John McClure vs. Alex Houston

Round 1 – Some range testing early. Houston lands a light body kick, and they tie up and Houston trips McClure and takes him down. Houston works from side control, trying to pass. McClure gets half-guard and pulls Houston down, preventing him from posturing up. McClure gets out and they stand and Houston goes for a standing guillotine. McClure briefly defends briefly but ultimately taps.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Houston wins via submission (guillotine) in Round 1.

John Voth vs. Josh White

Round 1 – White lands a leg kick and Voth shoots in and goes for a takedown. White briefly defends but Voth gets him on the ground and takes full mount. Voth lands a number of quick body shots. White gets half-guard and Voth lands more body shots and gets his head free. White tries to get up and Voth keeps him grounded, moving to take his back and land multiple hard head shots and knees to the body. Voth continues to get in more shots and knees to the body until White taps to the strikes.
OFFICIAL STRIKES: John Voth wins via TKO (strikes) in Round 1.

Travis Pennington vs. Bradley Day

Round 1 – Some range testing early and Day shoots in and presses Pennington against the cage. They struggle for dominant position and Day lands a hard knee to the body. Day drops down for a double-leg and Pennington tries to tie Day’s neck up in a guillotine. Day scores with a knee to Pennington’s leg and they move back to the center of the mat, struggling for control. Day lands another knee to the body and Pennington scoops Day up and carries him across the mat and drops him in front of his own corner. Day has full guard and Pennington works in a body shot. Pennington passes to half-guard and then mount, picking up Day for a short slam as the round ends. Not a lot of action in that round. Day had the edge on the feet and Pennington the edge on the ground. I’d be willing to guess that Pennington’s flashy takedown will be what wins him the round. sees it 10-9 Pennington.

Round 2 – Some light range testing early. Day moves to land a right and Pennington KOs him with what looks a giant head kick (It could also have been a really high knee). Pennington moves in to finish, but Day is down for the count and the ref pulls Pennington off before he can land any more shots. OFFICIAL RESULT: Travis Pennington wins via KO (kick) in Round 1.

(Day is out for a few moments following the kick, but he is able to leave the cage on his own power.)

Carl Thornsberry vs Oleg Nesenchuk

(Furby’s note – I got caught away from the cage when this fight started, so my buddy Lee Jacobs kept up with the action for this fight.)

Round 1- Oleg lands a quick right and circles out. Thornsberry throws a leg kick by and Oleg scores the takedown. They get back to their feet, and Oleg scores a slam and a second one after they stand again. Thornsberry spins out and lands a big knee from Thornsberry and Oleg counters. Thornsberry slips and Oleg takes mount and attempts an armbar, then a triangle as the round expires. Jacobs sees it 10-9 Oleg.

Round 2- Thornsberry starts off the action with a straight right, and Oleg counters with a right of his own followed by a leg kick. Some more feeling out from the two, and Thornsberry scores a leg kick. Oleg scores a takedown after a quick exchange, lands some heavy ground and pound, but Thornsberry reverses, a sweep by Oleg then another sweep by Thornsberry who then takes mount. The action stalls briefly and after standing, Oleg scores a final takedown as the round ends. Jacobs sees it 10-9 Oleg.

Round 3- Oleg starts off the action with a straight right. The two circle and Oleg lands a two-punch combo, then another, and Thornsberry counters. Oleg scores a takedown and lands a number of body shots. Thornsberry works in some quick shots from the bottom. The ref stands them up as the action slows and the two exchange some quick punches. Oleg picks Thornsberry up for a slam and the two have another exchange as the round expires. Jacobs sees it 10-9 Oleg. OFFICIAL RESULT: Oleg Nesenchuk wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Tyler Voth vs. Adam Maker

Round 1 – Voth lands a leg kick to start, then a right hook. Voth lands a good body kick and Maker misses with a pair of jabs. Voth lands a nother strong leg kick and a right followed by a left. They clinch up and Voth lands a knee to the body then pulls Maker to the ground. Maker scrambles but Voth keeps control, landing body shots before letting Maker up. They trade head shots and Voth ladns another monster leg kick, then another, taking Maker’s legs out from under him. Maekr rolls and Voth unloads with knees to the body and head shots on the ground. Voth lands another pair of knees to the body, then a pair of knees to the leg, then another knee to the body followed by a head shot, then more knees to the body, then another head shot before the ref moves in to stop it. OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyler Voth wins via TKO (strikes) in Round 1.


Grady Self vs. David Suter

Round 1 – This fight is for the vacant Bleed Blue Brawl Lightweight amateur title.  Suter opens with a left hook, then misses with a three punch combo. Suter goes for a head kick but slips and Self pounces on him, trying to land shots, but Suter stands and shoots in, taking Self down. Self gets up and Suter moves to take him down again but slips and Self beckons for him to get up. Self lands a right and Suter lands a counter-right. Suter connects with a left, then misses with a second. Self goes for a left but Suter moves in and presses him against the cage. Self reverses and lands a knee to the body, and some short body shots. Self knees Suter in the leg. Suter scores a takedown but they both move back to the feet. Suter lands a left, and another as Self moves around. Suter connects with a high body kick, then a pair of rights. Suter lands another right and Self answers with a right. Suter scores one final takedown as the round ends. A close round, but I think Self will squeeze out the round due to his aggression and more control throughout the round. sees it 10-9 Self.

Round 2 – Suter lands a body kick to start and the two trade head shots, then Suter connects with a hard left. Suter moves in for a flying knee, but it grazes Self, and Self moves away, but Suter moves in and catches Self with a hard left hook that takes Self down and has the ref moving in to stop the fight. OFFICIAL RESULT: David Suter wins via TKO (strikes) in Round 2.

-Brian Furby

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