On Nov. 21, 2009, former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin will square off in the Octagon at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. In anticipation of this rematch, the UFC held a conference call on Friday, and allowed the media to ask both Griffin and Ortiz questions, as well as UFC President Dana White. ProMMA.info was present on the call. Here is the audio as well as a few quotes from the participants.

UFC 106: Ortiz vs. Griffin conference call

Tito Ortiz:

“I’m much better physically… I was really really injured at that time.” [Tito in reference to his first fight with Forrest]

“It’s nice to be back and train the way I was before the injury.”

“If after this fight there’s a chance for me to fight Chuck Liddell again I would love to.”

“When I step in the cage, people are going to realize Tito Ortiz is back.”

“After these six fights, I would like to do another six fights… I want to get a world title around my waist.”

“Forrest is ranked top five in the world. I feel like the underdog in this fight.”

“He was the first guy to droop me with a leg kick.” [in reference to Rob McCullough]

“…I usually throw up.” [in reference to pre-fight rituals]

“Over the years he’s punched a little slower and softer.” [in reference to Forrest]

Forrest Griffin:

“No. I trained for a good 13 weeks for that fight… I think Anderson Silva was pretty much the problem. Not the book tour.” [in reference to if his book tour took away from his training and caused problems for him against Anderson Silva]

“I’m not looking to make a statement. I’m looking to win a fight.”

“It’s true, I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I look for stuff that’s not there.”

“I cut my honeymoon short, came back and started training right then.”

“I get to fight in a main event coming off two losses. That’s a big deal for me… That’s really an honor.”

“I work maybe 22 hours a week… This ain’t a hard job.”

“I’m always frustrated about my performance… I’m learning not to be so frustrated.”

Dana White:

“Tito coached season three of The Ultimate Fighter. I wouldn’t count him out as a coach.” [in the future]

“We’ve been working with Under Armor for about a year now… Lorenzo and I flew out and met with them… You’re going to see Under Armor a lot more.”

“When these guys lose, you got to get back on the horse. Especially Forrest. He’s an emotional guy… I don’t think I’ve ever had to twist Forrest’s arm to fight.”

“Yeah I’m sure we will. Rampage is under contract with us and this is where he makes his money.” [confident Rampage will fight in the UFC]

“The fight on Saturday night is the biggest fights we’ve done in the U.K.”

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