“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” airs live on CBS network television Saturday night, Nov. 7, 2009. A portion of the ProMMA.info staff has come together to give their expert opinions and predictions on the main card. Be sure to join us here Saturday night as we bring you live play by play commentary from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill.


RICHARD MANN: I was thinking about taking Brett Rogers, but only because I did not want Ken Pavia to feel all alone. Rogers might impress a few people, but he is going to be submitted. The argument that no one has been able to take Rogers to the ground is mute. Fedor is Fedor for a reason, and he is going to win this one by submission.

EDDIE CONSTANTINE: Fedor by submission.  I think it may be intersting as Fedor finds his range with Rogers.  Once he has it though, the fight will get to the ground at that is that.

DUSTY ADAMS: Fedor-Nice opportunity for Rogers and I like his punching power but Fedor has feasted on bigger slower heavyweights. I’m sure Rogers has good takedown defense but if it goes to the ground he’s totally outclassed. Fedor by RNC 1st rd.

JACK BRATCHER: Everyone says Rogers has no hope on the ground. How do you know? Ever seen him there?He could be a BJJ triple black belt for all you know. OK maybe not but I don’t event think the fight will go to the ground. Fedor will try to bang it out and get put to sleep for the first time.

Jake Shields vs. Jason Miller

RICHARD MANN: Someone told me that Jason Miller is taking this fight really seriously. I thought, “Wow, that’s good, but shouldn’t fighters take most fights seriously?” Jake Shields only runs into trouble when he has trouble taking his opponents down. Even when Jason Miller is at his best he is not stuffing takedowns. Shields will probably not be able to submit Miller, but he will control the pace and action. In the end Jake Shields will win by decision.

EDDIE CONSTANTINE: Shields by Decision.  Fight of the night in my opinion.  Both guys will end up being in trouble but Shields pulls it out

DUSTY ADAMS: Shields- I like Mayhem a lot and I think he will hurt Shields on the feet but this will go to the ground where Jake wants it and he”ll finish Miller with a RNC.

JACK BRATCHER: I just don’t see Mayhem beating Shields. Mayhem is all bully beatdown – Shields is all submit you on the ground.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

RICHARD MANN: Gegard Mousasi is the much more accurate striker. On the ground Mousasi is light years ahead of Sokoudjou. Mousasi is the winner of this fight. However, in the end the UFC wins, because match ups like this show the promotion’s stranglehold on the light heavyweight division.

EDDIE CONSTANTINE: Mousasi by TKO round one – This is Mousasi’s break out fight and everyone will be asking for him to take on the big names within the UFC.  He is going to steamroll the African.

DUSTY ADAMS: Mousasi-Mousasi is still underrated to me. His overall game is better than Sokoudjou’s. I see Mousasi getting this to the ground and finishing with an armbar 2nd rd.

JACK BRATCHER: Mousasi by death. Mousasi will annihilate Sokoudjou so bad his grandchildren’s grandchildren will fear the name Mousasi.

Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum

RICHARD MANN: It does not always look like it, but Fabricio Werdum actually has some quality takedowns from in close. The problem is that he will have trouble getting inside and he will be much smaller than Antonio Silva. Look for this fight to look like a replay of the Werdum and Arlovski fight, with the only difference being Silva will not be afraid to engage. Silva will win by TKO stoppage in the second round. Strikeforce should be commended for putting together a great heavyweight fight outside of the UFC.

EDDIE CONSTANTINE: Werdum – wins this one by decision.  Should not be too boring a mtach but the post fight interview should be!

DUSTY ADAMS: Werdum-I still think Werdum is a top ten heavyweight. This will be Silva’s biggest challenge yet by far. I think Werdum will control things and win by UD.

JACK BRATCHER: I’m picking Werdum by submission. The BJJ champion will get the big man down and finish him. Silva has a good ground game, but Werdum will not care about that.

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  1. I think this is the first time I have got all my picks right! Says a lot for not picking on emotion

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