Marcus Jones will fight Mike Wessel tonight, then the quarter-final match-ups will be announced. Who is your pick to win?
Marcus Jones will fight Mike Wessel tonight, then the quarter-final match-ups will be announced. Who is your pick to win?

Think you know who is going to win season ten of The Ultimate Fighter, currently airing on Spike TV? If you want to put your money where your mouth is, you can lay down a wager over at, as they have the money lines on each of the fighters who could potentially become The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights winner. Here are the TUF 10 betting odds…

Brendan Schaub +175

Brendan Schaub is the favorite to win at this point. He won his first TUF fight with an anaconda choke over Demico Rogers but did not look as impressive as many thought he would. Yet, for whatever reason, he is still being considered as the top pick. Sherdog has Schaub’s record at 4-0 as a pro, with all first round (T)KO’s – sounds just like his teammate Shane Carwin. In four pro fights, Schaub’s total fight time amounts to less than four minutes.

Roy Nelson +225

Roy Nelson is the second favorite to win the show. We all pretty much know Roy’s story by now. He defeated Kimbo in his first fight on the show. Roy got Kimbo to the ground, put him in a crucifix and pounded out the victory. Dana said he was hitting him like a girl. Roy is 13-4 as a pro and has lost his last two bouts, to Andrei Arlovski and Jeff Monson respectively.

Marcus Jones +500

The placement of Marcus Jones at +500 is interesting. For one thing, he has not fought yet on TUF 10. He’s not due to fight until tonight (Nov. 4), when he takes on Mike Wessel. These odds would lead one to believe they may already know the outcome of tonight’s fight. If that is the case, then Jones would be Team Rampage’s only win on the show. Jones is 4-1 as a pro. He’s also 36-years-old. How they can place him above Justin Wren in the odds is beyond me – somebody whack over there at, ya feel me?

Darrill Schoonover +700

The Ultimate Fighter fans will remember Darrill Schoonover by Rampage’s term of endearment for him – “Titties.” Hardcore MMA fans will also know Schoonover as a 10-0 pro fighter who defeated Rex Richards at Shark Fights 4 back in May. Personally, I don’t think Marcus Jones should be favored above Schoonover or Wren. Rampage played the bully and tried to make Schoonover look bad, but the truth is, this is one tough dude. He’s undefeated as a pro and has finished every fight; half  by submission and half by (T)KO – that’s a well-rounded dude (no pun intended).

Justin Wren +750

This is our guy. Justin Wren is’s official TUF 10 blogger and he’s actually the site’s very first interview back when we first started in the Summer of ’08. Ahhh, what a ride it’s been. OK, here’s the deal, and my honest thoughts on this thing. From the beginning my pick was for Justin to win TUF 10. I think skill-wise he is just as good as anyone one the show. Remember, he was the first Ultimate Fighter in history to choke someone unconscious. We do know Justin is now training with Brendan Schaub (Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt) and his crew in Colorado, so you can try to read into whatever that may mean as far as how the show unfolds. I definitely would not have Marcus Jones favored above Justin Wren.

Matt Mitrione +800

Mitrione is not going to win the show. I’m sorry. I’ve heard “Meathead” is a nice guy in real life and know a guy that trains with him, but even though he won his first fight on the show, his cardio was nil, non-existent, nowhere to be found, absent, zilch, naught, and on top of that, he had bad stamina. He’s a big tough galoot that hits hard but Rosie O”Donnell carrying Oprah Winfrey on her back may have more “get-up-and-go.”

Mike Wessel +1000

I don’t know if someone at has an inside source that already knows the results of tonight’s match-up  between Marcus Jones and Mike Wessel or not, but odds of +1000 generally means Mike Wessel has a better chance of getting struck by lightning, winning the Powerball lottery, and having sex with Beyonce while Jay-Z watches (all in the same day) than he does of becoming The Ultimate Fighter.

Jon Madsen +1000

The H.I.T. Squad’s Jon Madsen was the first fight on the show. He defeated Abe Wagner via unanimous decision. Madsen’s weakness compared to most of the other guys is his inexperience. Sherdog has his record listed at 1-0. I interviewed Jon a couple of months ago. He is a great guy, but I just have not gotten the vibe that he makes it out of the quarter-finals.

James McSweeny +1000

In episode two, James McSweeny defeated Wes Shivers by majority decision. Honestly, as what happens with most decisions, I can’t remember what the fight looked like. McSweeny is a Brit with a record of 3-4, and he has lost his last two pro fights. His losses as a professional have come to UFC veterans Mostapha Al-Turk, Neil Grove, and Ring of Combat veteran Ricardo Romero. All of his wins have been in the now defunct Cage Rage organization. Translation: He will not be the next Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter: HeavyweightsEpisode 8: One Soldier Left airs tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 4, on Spike TV. Team Rampage’s final prospect Marcus Jones tries to get his team their first win as he takes on Mike Wessel from  Team Rashad. After the show, check back with us here at to read cast member Justin Wren’s official TUF 10 blog to get the behind-the-scenes scoop. Until then, take care, win some money, and leave us a tip!

By: Jack Bratcher

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  1. I think Justin should be second just behind Roy Nelson. Schaub third and Titties/Schoonover fourth. That’s based just on what I have seen. I think McSweeney being +1000 is based on going to a decison with the inexperienced Shivers and not having a real strong ground game. Hilarious stuff Jack.

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