Here is a well-produced behind the scenes look at the recent The Ultimate Fighter season 11 tryouts that took place in Los Angeles, Calif. earlier this month. Some faces you may recognize, some you won’t. Al Stankie was there in full TUF regalia! One of the fighters was flipping all over the place; it will be interesing to see how his gymnastics style translates to the Octagon (if he makes it of course).

An interesting note: Dana White tells the guys if they don’t make the cut this time not to worry, The Ultimate Fighter is not going anywhere, and they can try out again next time. How many more seasons can the show realistically keep fans interested? Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at the TUF 11 tryouts”
  1. Am I interested? Yeah, TUF is the best show on Wednesday nights, and the only show I make an effort to watch.

    Is the next Fedor going to be on TUF? No. But, they could find the next Forrest or Rashad.

    People have complained about every season of TUF. The truth remains that it is entertaining and free MMA.

  2. The guys that were flipping around are brothers from a Canadian capoeira school. They were both at the TUF 10 tryouts and very entertaining. The younger of the two has a very popular YouTube video where he KO’s a guy in an MMA fight using his capoeira kick. The show will go on as long as viewers keep watching and ratings continue to soar. So far, it would seem that viewers will continue to watch and TUF should be around for a while.

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