If you missed the fight between Japanese demigod Kazushi Sakuraba and Zelg Galesic at DREAM.12’s “Cage of the Rising Sun” event on Sunday, you are in luck because we have the video for you right here.

Although a relatively short fight, it was the most exciting fight of the night. Sakuraba shoots in for a takedown right off the bat, and ends up getting pounded to pieces. The fight would have probably been stopped right there if it was anyone but the Japanese legend.

From the brink of defeat, Sakuraba scrambles and pulls out an amazing knee-bar submission finish. It was a beautiful win for the veteran, and commentator Michael Schiavello has what can only be described as an on-screen orgasm. For complete fight card results check out PROMMA.INFO’s play-by-play.

One thought on “DREAM.12 fight video – Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Zelg Galesic”
  1. gotta say i really disagree with what i’ve been reading about this fight. Folks calling it like the Smirnovas fight. Saku took some shots yes, but the entire time he was working on that leg sub so not like it was from out of nowhere. He did what he does best. Methodically work till his hand is raised after his opponent tapped.

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