I bet his dad is tougher than yours. Wanna bet?

Last Saturday I had a great night with homecoming week and then the dance itself, it was about three in the morning so I decided to call it a night. Unfortunately for me, “Mike” had different plans.

This guy calls me at three in the morning to talk bad about my Dad. He calls on my private line, and me being me, I decide to pick up the phone. He starts by asking, “Was your dad mad after Koscheck beat the shit out of him?” Well no shit he was mad, wouldn’t you be?

Then he continues to babble on how much he thinks my dad sucks and how he says he should call it quits. Every fan is entitled to their opinion and what, not just don’t tell me when its three in the morning.

Another thing is that this isn’t the first time that this has happened, or the last. I get five phone calls a week about this stuff. I walk around school and people talk about how much they don’t like my dad.

People when they want to fight me or bother me they talk about him. It’s to the point where I just got to go with the flow and say yeah you’re right thanks for watching.

Not everyone is going to be a fan but at the same time I can’t let that stuff get to me. As the child you have to learn quick to not worry about it or start strapping up and get ready to get suspended for two weeks.

Another downfall is going to an MMA event. Me and my dad can’t walk two steps without having someone stop us and ask ME to take a pic of them together.

When we’re trying to watch a fight fans come up to us asking for autographs and pictures. It sometimes takes the fun out the event, but when you sit back and look at it, without them we wouldn’t have the money to go to see these, and also not a lot of people have someone in their life that is half famous.

Have a good week guys! Enjoy!

By: Frankie Trigg

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Dewey Franklin Trigg IV is a high school wrestler and son of UFC fighter Frank Trigg. Check back regularly to read Frankie’s blog only at PROMMA.INFO.

3 thoughts on “Frankie’s blog – love him or hate him”
  1. Fuck the haters. All those kids that talk shit are just jealous their dad’s have never done a fucking thing. You can be proud of your dad for achieving more than most men will ever dream of. He’s a legend in this sport and don’t ever forget that.

  2. It’s easy to forget were talking about real people with feelings when we dis a fighter for one reason or another. Posts like this remind us of the other side. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Frank Trigg, but I do hope he makes another good run at the welterweight division to make his mark.

    I think most Frank Trigg disses stem from his lack of humility, so it’s a bit of a cause and effect scenario.

  3. WOW, I’m always amazed that people have nothing better to do than call Frank Triggs son in the middle of the night and say hateful things. They must really have a great life! I’d have to quote DANE COOK, “hey mike”, If your parents are dead they died to get away from you” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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