Do you think the Octagon is too big? Would a smaller cage help force the action?
Do you think the Octagon is too big? Would a smaller cage help force the action?

Dave Doyle over at Yahoo Sports recently spoke with UFC President Dana White about a number of topics but a couple of things stuck out in particular.

Doyle asked White if anything had changed between himself and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson since he quit fighting to follow his dreams of Hollywood movie stardom. White said nothing had changed but he feels Rampage is not done fighting.

“Nothing’s changed, but he’ll be back. He’ll fight. ‘Rampage’ is mad right now, he’ll do his movie things, but we’ll figure it out. He knows this is where his money is.”

Another interesting statement White made concerned the UFC Octagon itself. Apparently, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva wants a smaller cage.

Actually, we’ve been talking about making the Octagon smaller. We’re considering making it smaller. [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva wants it. I think he wants to turn the thing into a [expletive] bathtub. Have them fight in a little tollbooth.

So, what do you think? You think fighting is in Rampage’s blood and he will eventually come back or will the world recognize his on-screen talent and he will become the next big movie star?

Do you feel the UFC Octagon should be smaller? It could help cut down on guys who like to run a lot and certain evasive tactics.

Actually, there is something to be said for making it smaller. If I remember correctly, the Octagon is 30 feet from post to post. The idea is to have guys in a cage so they can not escape, but because the cage is so big, it does allow a form of escape. A smaller cage could help force the action. What do you think?

You can check out Doyle’s complete interview with the UFC President at

By Jack Bratcher


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  1. Smaller cage would be great. That cage is freakin huge. When you step in the Octagon it’s unreal how big that thing is.

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