Feel free to submit to us links to MMA threads you would consider "classic."

Mixed Martial Arts forums are some of the strangest places on Earth. You have thousands of people from all over the world who have a common interest coming together in one place to share their thoughts and experiences about the sport. It can be awesome at times. For some, it can be intimidating. Depending on the forum, it can be strict or lax, cruel or polite, fair or unjust. Sound familiar? It is a microcosm of the sport at your fingertips.

On rare occasions someone will post something so cool the thread can take on a life of its own and stay alive for years. ┬áThose are the classics. PROMMA.INFO is going to share with you some of these threads that either already are classics or threads which we feel will inevitably become a classic. It is possible some of these threads will not become “classics” in the literal sense, but still, they are so damn cool we just had to share them.

First up is this little gem called “Kung Fu dojo storm!” It is about an old Kung-Fu “master” who storms an MMA dojo and challenges one of their students to a fight. The back story is what makes it interesting. The thread was started on the Underground just four days ago, so it really has not had time to become “legendary,” but I would still consider it a classic. Here is the original post in its entirety as created by Oklahoma44:

Ok, a bit of background to this video. Kung Fu guy teaches his students that ground work isn’t necessary. Standard TMA stuff. He has a student who wins his MMA debut in 20 secs via TKO.

Suddenly Kung Fu guy and his student think they are unstoppable. So they have another MMA fight not long after.

Kung Fu guy’s student loses this one:

Toward the end of the video, Kung Fu guy is screaming at his student to choke out the guy who has him mounted. Of course we all know that this isn’t going to work. When this is pointed out to Kung Fu guy toward the end of the video, Kung Fu guy goes nuts and starts challenging everyone to a fight. (Listen to the audio around the last minute of the above video.)

The guy behind the Camera blows him off. Well a few days later, Kung Fu guy shows up with 15 of his students demanding a bare-knuckle fight against the guy who was holding the camera. Yep, the Kung Fu guy actually dojo stormed an MMA gym.

Here was the result:

Editor’s Note: Feel free to submit to us links to MMA threads you would consider “classic” and tell us what makes them so good.

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