Sean O’Haire gets arrested

Photo: Sherdog - Sean O'Haire hasn't fought in an MMA match since 2007.
Photo: Sherdog - Sean O'Haire hasn't fought an MMA match since 2007.

Well, I guess Sean O’Haire will have the opportunity to fight in the cage once again. Of course, the cage will be jail and he’ll be fighting for his virginity. reports that on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009 O’Haire was arrested for battery and criminal trespassing. The PRIDE and K-1 Hero’s veteran and former WWE and WCW champion allegedly began screaming, throwing things, and physically attacking his girlfriend in her Savannah, Ga. home.

O’Haire’s rage eventually escalated to the point of choking his girlfriend according to the report. She was able to escape and call the police, telling them she didn’t know what had caused O’Haire to become so enraged, but that it had happened several times over the course of their relationship.  O’Haire was released on less than $5000 bail.

O’Haire has a long history with violence. In 1992 and 2004 he was arrested for assault and in 2006 he was found guilty of assaulting a woman at Club Hypnotic in Hilton Head, S.C. He’s been involved in several bar scuffles including the one at Hilton Head that left his orbital bone crushed and eventually led to vision impairment.

I’m no doctor, but I’m thinking he might need a Thorazine drip and some “alone time” in the harmony hut. If O’Haire is reading this I hope he knows that I think he’s a big fat pansy. A real man can control his anger and WALK AWAY. AND LADIES, LISTEN UP! There is no amount of handsome, no amount of money, and no amount of awesome sex that is worth compromising your dignity and safety for!

Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. Hey, O’Haire… say hi to Ike Turner and Joe Jackson when you have your annual douche-bags meeting.

By: Laura McKinney – Cage Diva