Jarrod “The Wild Card” (10-3-1) has accomplished much in his rising MMA career. He has beaten multiple WEC veterans, and was only the second fighter to beat the very tough, durable, and experienced Jeff Bedard.

The only other loss on Bedard’s MMA resume is to current WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel “Angel” Torres.

Card built on his growing reputation with a five round war against former Marine Sniper Bruce Conners with the XFC featherweight title on the line at “XFC 8: Regional Conflict” back in April of this year.

Card showed the fans what a main event championship fight is all about, pushing the pace for the entire twenty-five minutes of action, earning the XFC featherweight Championship in front of thousands of fans in attendance, in addition to all of the MMA fans watching the live broadcast on HdNet.

When asked about the element of pressure, Card seems to dismiss the notion that the fight itself ever brings pressure.

“The only pressure I feel would be making weight,” Card told PRO MMA (promma.info). “If I dont make weight then I do not fight.”

Once the cage door is closed and the fans start cheering, Card is the type of fighter that hears the crowd and is motivated by all of the noise, but at the same time understands the importance of hearing his corner.

“I am the type of fighter that only hears and listens to my corner,” Card said, “the crowd does pump me up, but I try to be a smart fighter and fight smart fights… sometimes the crowd can get you into trouble.”

Despite all of his success in the cage in his MMA career, one of the biggest moments in Card’s life came with the birth of his son Cayden.

“My son Cayden was born on October 3rd, and I had my second fight on October 13th in Auburn Alabama. Nine days after he was born, he was in the crowd cheering for his father.”

Being a father to a young son, is a great feeling,” said Card. “I have been able to have my son here for all of my fights.”

“The Little Wild Card” hasn’t missed his any of his father’s fights since and often accompanies Jarrod to the gym for some good training.

“To this day the feeling does not get any better he comes with me to train,” Card told PRO MMA (promma.info), “Everyone at the gym loves watching him trying to take people down and putting on the boxing gloves ready to spar.”

“The Wild Card” loves the fact that his son is interested in the fight game, but will not put pressure on his son to follow in his footsteps.

“I would never push him to do any sport he does not want to do, but growing up I was very active in sports,” Card said, “and I love the fact that when my son starts to train I will be a black belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Pancrase MMA, crossing my fingers.”

“As it stands I can ask Cayden what do you want to be when you grow up and he is already saying a fighter.”

In addition to being a single father, a professional MMA fighter, and holding down a full time job, Jarrod still manages to find time for another hobby.

Card took some classes in college to learn how to screen print, and now designs and makes all of his own gear, from walk out shirts, to his shorts.

Card is officially a free agent and will not be defending his XFC featherweight title after negotiations between his manager Paul Domenech, and the XFC recent fell through.

Fans almost got a chance to see “Wildcard” in a fight that would have been an all out war, against rising star Jose Aldo in the WEC.

“When the WEC was held in Florida when Brown won the WEC title, the WEC wanted me to fight Jose Aldo on a weeks notice.”

Despite the opportunity to land in a big organization like the WEC, Card and his management made the decision to remain patient and not take a chance on stepping in last minute against such a dangerous fighter.

“We turned down that fight with Jose Aldo,” Card said. “Aldo is not the type of opponent you take last minute… you have to have plenty of preparation time to prepare for that caliber of a fighter.”

Card was set to fight on August 22nd for the Art of Fighting promotion based in Florida, but recently suffered a shoulder injury during the last few minutes of a training session, forcing him to withdraw from the bout.

“The Wild Card” still remains positive despite losing the opportunity to climb back into the cage, focusing on honing his skills and improving his game while recovering from the injury.

“I will rehab it and come back stronger, I am not gonna let myself get out of shape,” Card said. “I will use this injury to help sharping other aspects of my game and motivate me. I love to keep people guessing.”

Excited with the success of organizations like the WEC and Bellator that showcase the smaller fighters, Card is looking to change his “free agent” status and land with a bigger organization, but is patient and will take the right opportunity when the time is right.

Wherever Card lands for his next fight, expect to see him represent and showcase the excitement that the smaller guys are bringing to MMA, and to put his imprint on the 145 pound division, with his brand of fighting.

Jarrod Card sends the following message to his friends and fans:
I would like to thank Raging Wolf because they have been with me through my ups and downs, and helped me out during my live fight on TV. They have great people behind Raging Wolf. I would like to thanks Paul Domenech my manager and super matchmaker. I have been with Paul since day one when he was nobody and I was nobody. I would like to thank “The Little Wildcard”, my son, who is the backbone behind my fighting. I want to give all the fans a shoutout for the support they give me, and would like to thank PRO MMA for this chance right now to talk to all the fans and let them better understand me as a Dad, friend and Fighter.

By: Denny “The Mad 1” Hodge

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