ESPN the Magazine has a new interview with Gina Carano that is due to hit stands on Aug. 10. From the preview it looks like an interesting piece that will be worth picking up. If you are a fan of the brawling beauty, you may learn a few things about her you did not know.

For instance, Gina talks about some of the unique issues women fighters face that men do not. “I try not to schedule fights the week I’ll be on my period. Making weight is hard enough and during our period, we may retain around seven pounds of water weight,” stated Carano.

“Plus bruises hurt more, you’re bloated and cramping and emotionally, it’s tougher to battle through the training. Also, some states require us to wear breast padding, since we’re allowed to punch there. One time I didn’t have any; a guy told me to put a rolled-up towel in my bra. I said no. I usually just wear three sports bras during a fight,” explained Carano.

Carano is confident she could beat up a man if he does not train. “Whenever a guy approaches me, I can see he’s wondering, ‘Can I take her?’ Men underestimate women. If I had to fight a guy who thinks he’s tough but doesn’t train, I could leg-kick him until he collapses. So yes, I can beat up a guy,” she said.

Carano also explained she likes being a woman and definitely has a tender side. “But I like being a female, too. I like to put on makeup and be held and feel girlie. It’s not all about being tough,” said Carano. Do not worry Gina. There are plenty of men out there who would not mind holding you, even though you could kick their ass.

The interview with Gina will hit stands just five days before the biggest fight of her career. Although Gina does have a tender side, she will need to leave that at home on Aug. 15 when she faces Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

Here’s a video from ESPN where Gina shows us everything inside her purse. If you ever wondered what the world’s top female MMA fighter carries around in her purse well now you know:

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