PRO MMA ( will be providing live play-by-play updates and results of tonight’s “The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale” taking place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nev.

The event airs on Spike TV beginning at 8pm ET/PT (delayed on West Coast). The TUF 9 welterweight and lightweight tournament finals will be decided as well as a main event showdown between The Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez vs. the very energetic and tenacious Clay “The Carpenter” Guida.

Quick Results:

Jason Dent def. Cameron Dollar by anaconda choke rd1 (4:46)
Nick Osipczak def. Frank Lester by rear-naked choke rd1 (3:40)
Tomasz Drwal def. Mike Ciesnolevicz by TKO (strikes) rd1 (4:48)
Brad Blackburn def. Edgar Garcia by split decision
Melvin Guillard def. Gleison Tibau by split decision
Joe Stevenson def. Nate Diaz by unanimous decision
Ross Pearson def. Andre Winner by unanimous decision
Chris Lytle def. Kevin Burns by unanimous decision
James Wilks def. Damarques Johnson by rear-naked choke rd1 (4:54)
Diego Sanchez def. Clay Guida by split decision

Main Card:

Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz
Round 1 – Stevenson gets the takedown and Diaz has a guillotine locked in but he escapes. Stevenson stands and tries to land some ground and pound. Joe goes to the ground with Diaz and takes side control, and Joe has one of Diaz’s arms locked up with his legs. Diaz reverse and now Joe has Nate in a very tight guillotine. Diaz rolled over and escaped. Joe is still on top and Diaz stands. Joe grabs hold and takes him back down. Diaz looks for an arm in guillotine but Joe gets out. They stand and Joe grabs Nate’s neck and throws a couple of knees. Joe kept on the pressure the whole round and definitely won the round. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 Stevenson. Greg Jackson is in Stevenson’s corner.
Round 2 – Nate wants to strike but Joe shoots in and Nate locks on a guillotine but Joe is not in danger. Joe stands and grabs the neck of Diaz. Joe throws knees to Diaz. Nate looks for a kimura but no dice. Joe gets half guard. Joe takes Nate’s back from the side but Nate stands up. Joe pressing Nate against the fence and putting on the pressure. Nate looks for a switch but they go the ground with Joe on top. Nate looking for a triangle but Joe stands up. The power and control of “Joe Daddy” are giving Nate tons of trouble. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 for Stevenson.
Round 3 – Joe wants to touch gloves but Diaz says no. Joe pushes him against the cage again and gets the takedown. Nate stands up still pressing Diaz against the fence. Nate takes Joe down and gets on top in Joe’s full guard. Nate stands up and throws down some shots. Nate stands up and tries for a guillotine, Joe gets out but Nate goes for a rear-naked choke but no dice for that either. Joe landing knees from the side as Nate has a knee on the ground. Joe backs up and decides to trade some shots possibly. Nate goes for a takedown but no dice. Joe shoots but it is stuffed. Joe gets a leg and Nate punches him in the face. Damn close round on that one. Have to give that round to Diaz but the fight to Joe. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 for Diaz and the fight 29-27 for Stevenson. – Official Decision: Joe Stevenson defeats Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

“TUF 9” lightweight finals – Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner
Round 1 – Here we go the first tournament final with two Brits; both guys from Team U.K. coached by Michael Bisping on TUF 9. Winner comes out swinging and is countered by Pearson. Leg kikc by Pearson. They clinch against the cage and throw knees and try to get control. Pearson changes levels looking for a takedown but lets it go. Elbow from Winner and then a knee to the body of Pearson. Pearson took a low blow to the groin. Nice exchange from both, using dirty boxing. They clinch again. Winner grabs the plum and lands a knee. Winner lands a flurry to the body and then a shot to the chin as the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 for Winner.
Round 2 – Leg kick by Pearson and another. A couple of muay thai knees from Pearson. Pearson coming out a bit more aggressive. Clinched against the cage. Pearson shoots for the takedown, grabs a single leg but Winner shrugs it off and lands and uppercut. Elbow from Winner. Much of this fight has been spent in the clinch. Uppercut by Pearson, Elbow from Winner. Winner keeping Pearson pressed against the cage. They separate. Knee to the head and then a head kick from Pearson. Left hook from Winner. Pearson lands a couple of quick shots. Pearson with an elbow over the top. Winner finishes with a small flurry as the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores that round 10-9 for Pearson although it’s very close.
Round 3 – Winner grabs the plum and lands a knee. Clinched against the cage again. Knee to the body from Pearson. They separate and exchange some shots. Pearson lands one after getting caught by a punch. Uppercuts by Pearson and body shots. Leg kick by Pearson followed by a right hand from Winner. Very very close fight. Pearson looking for a takedown and gets it briefly but Winner hops right up. Uppercut from Pearson. Pearson lands some big punches to the chin, probably the best of the fight. Winner lands a combo of punches. Pearson fires back and lands a big knee. Winner appears hurt as the final bell sounds.That was a very grueling fight. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 Pearson and 29-27 Pearson for the fight. – Official Decision: Ross Pearson defeats Andre Winner by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Ross Pearson is the new TUF 9 Ultimate Fighter for the lightweight division. He wins the UFC contract.

Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns
Round 1 – Big left hook by Lytle. Head kick from Lytle blocked. Left hand from Lytle. Burns with a leg kick and then a stiff left hand. Lytle with a big overhand right that misses. Two nice right hands that stop Lytle’s progress. Body shot from Lytle. Left hook connects solid from Burns. Leg kick from Burns. Lytle swinging the hooks but misses. Knee by Burns. Burns not afraid to stand and trade. Groin kick by Burns halts the fight. Lylte gets caught with his head down coming in. and goes to the ground. Lytle tries to grab a leg and gets it but Burns stands up. Lytle has him pressed against the cage. Lytle gets hit again with a big right and here comes a flurry one after the other big knee to the body by Burns. Lytle was hurt badly near the end of the round. PRO MMA scores that round 10-9 for Burns.
Round 2 – Leg kick from Burns but Lytle fires back with some big punches that rock Burns. Burns fires back though and is recovered. Big body shot by Lytle. Burns shoots and gets the takedown. Lytle stands up and throws a right hand that is partially blocked. Body shot from Lytle and Burns feels it. Another big body shot from Lytle.Burns doesn’t like those body shots. Over and over he lands another big body shot. It has caused Burns to lower his hands. Another shot to the body by Lytle. Left right combo to the face by Lytle and then a body shot. Knee to the body by Burns. Kick to the nut sack by Burns. Burns makes it burn. Right hand, left hand, right hand, body kick from Lytle. Lytle chasing Burns down putting on the pressure. Leg kick from Burns. Lytle is picking him apart with these leaping body shots and hooks. Slowly, Burns is getting broken down. Another shot to the groin from Burns gets a time out called. Front kick from Burns and the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores that one for Lytle 10-9. The guy is so tough. You forget how tough the guy is until you see the punishment he can take and dish out in aggressive fashion.
Round 3 – Lytle catches Burns’ kick and punches him right in the face. Blood start falling down Burns’ face. Burns lands a big body shot. Lytle lands a left hand. Burns rushes in and eats a huge punch. Right, left, right from Lytle. Burns is wincing now as Lytle throws punches. Body shot again from Lytle. Over and over and over Lytle comes in with ones and twos. Right hand from Burns connects. Overhand right connects again by Lytle. Lytle is clearly the aggressor. Burns comes in and eats a big punch. Right hand from Lytle. Lytle turns it up with a flurry. Body shot again from Lytle. Head kick blocked by Lytle. Lylte is punching Burns like a punching bag. Left hand from Burns. They are swinging for the fences as the ten minute warning sounds. PRO MMA scores that one 10-9 for Lytle and the fight 29-27 for Lytle. – Official Decision: Chris Lytle defeats Kevin Burns by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Chris Lytle is the Ultimate Gatekeeper. You couldn’t ask for a better gatekeeper than Chris Lytle. So far this is the “Fight of the Night” for sure.

“TUF 9” welterweight finals – Damarques Johnson vs. James Wilks
Round 1 – Nice combo from Wilks connects solid snapping Johnson’s head. Wilks grabs the plum but misses with the knee. Johnson lands a shot but Wilks attacks with the plum and knees and then punches. Wilks gets the takedown and is in Johnson’s guard. Wilks drops down for a heel hook but it slips out. Johnson is teeing off with some ground and pound. Wilks goes for anoterh heel hook but no dice. Wilks goes for a leg compression but Johnson is out and is in Wilks’ guard. Wilks locks in a triangle. It is tight but Johnson slips out. Johnson’s arm is still caught and Wilks lands some big punches to the face. Wilks drags Johnson to the ground and has his back, has one hook in, softening him up, gets both hooks in and locks on the rear-naked. Johnson tucks his chin. Only Ten seconds left and Johnson taps out. OMG. James Wilks defeats Damarques Johnson by rear-naked choke submission at 4:54 of Round 1. James Wilks was part of Team U.K. Team U.K. won the lightwight and welterweight finals.

Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
Round 1 This is the battle of the long haired rocker and the new age ninja. You ever notice Guida’s scowl when he poses for a photo? He shouldn’t do that, it just makes people want to punch him more. Intense stare down to say the least. They come out swinging and Diego rocks Guida with big shots. Guida is hurt and Diego lands some big knees. Diego measures him up. Guida swings back but Sanchez is doing all the damage. One of the most intense twenty seconds of any fight ever. Clay shoots and takes Diego down to his back. Guida is in Diego’s full guard trying for some ground and pound. Diego is up to his feet. Clay finally is able to get his mouthpiece back in. His face is bleeding from his nose. Probably a broken nose. Diego lands a head kick that drops him to his back. But he is still in there. Flying knee from Sanchez lands solid. Diego throws like five uppercuts that rock Guida hard. How Guida is still in this fight is beyond me. Sanchez gets the takedown and is in half guard. Diego is beasting this guy. Elbows from Diego. Clay gets up and Sanchez pops him as the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores this round 10-8 for Sanchez.
Round 2 – Head kick from Sanchez. Guida shoots and gets Diego to the ground. He is in Diego’s full guard and is delivering elbows from the bottom. Elbow from Guida. Diego is defending well and looks for a kimura. Crowd is chanting “Guida.” Sanchez is hanging on and the pace has come to a crawl. Elbows from the bottom landing hard by Sanchez. Rubber guard from Diego. Guida punching from the top but nothing too effective. PRO MMA scores that round for Diego 10-9. Even though Guida was on top with the takedown, Diego was landing the harder blows with elbows.
Round 3 – Sanchez lands a couple of shots. Guida lands a punch. Guida comes in swinging. Diego lands a nice shot and Clay shoots but gets stuffed. Leg kick by Guida. Right hook Diego countered by Guida. Diego’s pace has slowed. Clay connects with a punch and again. Sanchez with a combo. Two minutes left. Guida shoots and Diego gets his back. Diego goes for an arm triangle and now Clay is on top. Not good for Diego with such little time left. Diego looking for a kimura. Sanchez pulls Clay’s arm out but the ten second warning sounds and it’s over. Very close fight. Great fight that could go either way. PRO MMA scores the round 10-9 for Diego and the fight 30-27 for Sanchez. Official Decision: Diego Sanchez defeats Clay Guida by split decision (28-29, 29-27, 29-28).

By: Jack Bratcher

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