On May 23rd Sean Sherk lost a unanimous decision to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 in what was definitely the upset of the night. The BetUS.com odds going into the fight had Sherk at -300 and Edgar at +200. Even a perplexed UFC President Dana White said after the bout he had not foreseen any way Edgar could win.

Maybe surprised most of all was the former UFC Lightweight Champion himself, who following the judges’ ruling, ran out of the Octagon and the MGM Grand Garden Arena shirtless and still donning his fight shorts and gloves. Reports stated Sherk was running down the street into the Vegas night and at one point was seen approximately a half mile from the arena where the fights were being held.

Sherk who was a guest Wednesday on Sherdog’s “Beatdown” radio show spoke about the incident and gave his side of the story,

“After the fight was over I went for a run. I was kind of frustrated and just had to burn off some steam, so I just went for a jog and I left before I talked to the doctor. The doctor didn’t get a chance to look at me. I wasn’t hurt at all so I just said f*ck it. I’m going for a run. The Commission got kind of pissed because I didn’t talk to the doctor first and they suspended me for 45 days for that. It’s kind of excessive I think. I don’t think I deserve to get suspended for going for a run. I wasn’t gone that long. I was gone maybe an hour. But what do you do?”

However, Keith Kizer, the Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, told Sherdog that Sherk’s 45-day suspension was completely due to medical reasons and had absolutely nothing to do with him running out of the building.

The original concern seemed to be that it is possible a fighter may be asked to submit a urine sample immediately after a fight and with Sherk running out it could possibly be looked at as a way to avoid a test. Fortunately for him, Sherk did return and it was not an issue.

Sherk’s medical suspension lasts until July 8th with no contact until June 23rd.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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