Toothless Frank Lester of Team U.S. gets the opportunity to fight again after losing his first fight, to fill in for Jason Pierce who is sidelined due to some staph rash funk on his leg. Lester is picked to fight Team U.K.’s David Faulkner.

Coach Michael Bisping sprayed water from his water bottle on one of the Team U.S. fighters and there are a few words exchanged. Coach Bisping and Coach Henderson argue over training times.

For some odd reason David Faulkner has always had trouble keeping his mouthpiece in and somehow it is connected to his gag reflex. It became such a problem he visits a hypnotist to try and get help and we get to go along for the visit. Whatever works right?

(WW) David Faulkner vs. Frank Lester
rd1 – Faulkner initiates with a couple of leg kicks. Lester fires back a leg kick of his own. Lester works a couple of jabs after Coach Hendo yells it about forty times. The fighters clinch against the cage. Faulkner looks for a take down but Lester defends well. They finally, separate and square up again. Faulkner gets a take down but Lester bounces back up. They clinch and Faulkner lands an elbow followed by some big right hands. Lester looks hesitant and gets popped with a couple of shots and a knee. Lester wings some punches but Faulkner ducks out of the way.
rd.2 – Leg kick by Faulkner but he eats a punch from Lester. Head kick by Lester followed by a right hand. The guys start exchanging and both are connecting with big shots. The clinch up and Lester grabs the plum and lands some knees to the body. Faulkner does the same. Big uppercut by Faulkner connects. Faulkner puts his hands on his knees in exhaustion. Lester throws some shots and they clinch up. Close fight and both guys are very tired.
rd3 – David Faulkner is telling his coaches he can not go another round. He gives up sitting on the stool with Coach Bisping yelling in his face. David Faulkner’s teammates tell him he will regret it forever. Frank Lester defeats David Faulkner by TKO in rd3 (refuses to answer the bell)

David Faulkner, after the fight, was saying how much he enjoyed the fight and somewhat jokingly said he may pursue a wrestling career. Coach Bisping was clearly upset and talked to his four remaining fighters explaining to them they were there to win and Faulkner’s attitude does not represent what their team is about.

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