Dana made up for not releasing a blog on the 22nd by releasing a whopping four-part video blog for May 23rd. In Part 1 Dana gives away four cage side seats via Twitter. We get a “Cribs” tour of his suite at the MGM Grand that you won’t believe and he wraps it up by meeting one of the “Girl’s Next Door.”


Parts 2-4 after the jump…

In Part 2 Dana goes around to meet and greet all the fighters in their locker rooms before the fight. We get a peek into Lyoto’s dressing room with his father.


Part 3 is during the fights. Mike Tyson makes a quick cameo with a date. By the way, if you haven’t seen the Tyson documentary Rogan was talking about during the broadcast, it is a MUST see. Drew McFedries is thankful for the opportunity after his big win. We get to see Rashad enter the Octagon in the last scene.


In Part 4 we get to see Rashad’s wife’s reaction to his brutal knockout loss to Lyoto Machida. Dana immediately goes to her following the fight and offers to take her to the back to be with Rashad, which says a lot about him as a person. We get to go inside the Octagon as Machida is awarded his UFC Light Heavyweight Title.


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