This is the Chess Game Fight Gear ad which will appear in the next issue of Tapout Magazine (notice the PRO MMA logo)
Chess Game Fight Gear ad that will appear in Tapout Magazine (notice the PRO MMA logo)

Chess Game Fight Gear (, an official sponsor of PRO MMA ( will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Tapout Magazine (issue 30).

Keep an eye out for the ad which will feature the resident Chess Game hottie decked out in one of their slick T-shirts as well as Chess Game Fight Gear sponsored fighter Chuck O’Neil. The issue hits stands April 24th.

Chuck is part of Team Lauzon and trains regularly with brothers Joe and Dan Lauzon. Chuck O’Neil is also the Reality Fighting Welterweight Champion and will be defending his title on May 2nd in Plymouth, MA.

Chess Game Fight Gear offers stylish, comfortable, and affordable clothing for men and women. They also have hats and the highest quality and most functional fight shorts in the business.

The Tapout Magazine which will feature the Chess Game Fight Gear advertisement is issue number 30, the commemorative issue dedicated to Charles Lewis Jr. a.k.a. “Mask”. I know Jeff Baker from Chess Game was pretty happy about their first ad in Tapout Magazine being in the “Mask” tribute edition.

It is significant when you think about it. “Mask” seems to have become an icon of belief for people within the MMA community. “Mask” represents the courage to believe in those dreams so many people have of achieving something great. 

At first one may think, “What’s the big deal about an MMA clothing company placing an ad in Tapout magazine?” Just like Tapout clothing, Chess Game Fight Gear started out small. They had little more than a dream wrapped around their passion for MMA and jiu-jitsu, hence the name, “Chess Game”.

In every company’s road to success there are certain milestones and for Chess Game Fight Gear, the ability for them to take some of their profits and reinvest it to place a full page ad in what is one of the most well known MMA magazines in the world has finally come.

For Chess Game Fight Gear’s first major ad to appear in the “Mask” tribute issue of Tapout Magazine seems extremely fitting. Chess Game is the type of company that is the backbone of the sport. Every fighter, every fan, has to wear clothing (except Trigg), so why not wear something that not only looks bad ass, but represents your passion.

Chess Game Fight Gear is a real fighter’s company. They have a love for the sport and a commitment to putting out quality gear. They have that Boston Irish grappling street-jitsu thing going on too. If you dig what we do here at PRO MMA ( then help support our sponsors and pick yourself up some Chess Game Fight Gear.

CHESS GAME [function, verb] – to contend in battle or physical combat; Especcially: to strive to overcome by blows or submission.

Here is a little secret too I’m not supposed to let out…you might just see one of their fighters on The Ultimate Fighter season 10….stay tuned for more about that…

If you look closely at the Chess Game Fight Gear ad in Tapout Magazine you may just notice our (PRO MMA) logo in there as well! Thanks guys!

By:  Jack Bratcher

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