PRO MMA ( is on the scene at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN covering Ultimate Fight Night 18. PRO MMA will bring you live round by round coverage of the televised portion of the card and the under card. Be sure to stick with PRO MMA for the blow by blow account of the evening’s events in “Music City”.

The show starts off with a tribute to the late Charles “Mask” Lewis 1963-2009. There are also a few words from Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann before tossing it over to the usual “Face the Pain” hype video. The Sommet Center appears to be packed. Goldberg plugs ‘The Ultimate Fighter 9’ that will follow ‘Fight Night 18’. Browning vs. Miller will be the first fight on the televised portion of the card.

Junie Browning vs. Cole Miller (LW)
Rd. 1 –
They touch gloves and we are off. Miller looks to grab the Thai plumb but Junie transitions to a take down and then grabs Miller’s back after a botched Kimura attempt by Miller. Browning tries to go to side control but they wind up back on their feet. Miller pulls a guillotine and Browning taps out. Miller is walking around the Octagon with his Brown belt held high. The official call is Miller via Guillotine at 1:58 in the first.

The UFC runs a very touching and heart felt tribute video that was dedicated to “Mask”. For you NFL fans out there, Denver Bronco’s QB (for now) Jay Cutler, a former Vanderbilt QB, is in attendance.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Tyson Griffin (LW)
Rd. 1 – Griffin lands a nice combo followed by a solid right. Both men are staying busy on the feet and Dos Anjos throws a superman punch and Griffin defends nicely. A nice straight right by Griffin stuns Dos Anjos and Griffin secures a take down. Dos Anjos goes for multiple heel hooks while Griffin throws from the top. Dos Anjos gets Griffin’s back and locks Griffin’s left leg by compressing his right leg to his hamstring. Griffin gets back up to his feet and is limping slightly. The round ends after a few brief exchanges on the feet.
Rd. 2- Dos Anjos nails griffin with a nice combo to start the round. Griffin is visibly favoring his left leg and commentator Joe Rogan states that “I believe he blew his ACL out”. The two men throw combos and high kicks but nothing effective lands. Dos Anjos goes for a standing Kimura while Griffin looks for the single leg but they break and return to the center of the ring. Griffin lands a solid right and the two exchange off the fence. Griffin hits another right before the end of the round but Dos Anjos is able to push through.
Rd. 3 – Griffin and Dos Anjos both throw to start off the final round. Griffin lands a few nice inside leg kicks. Dos Anjos goes for a flying knee but misses. Griffin lands another good right hand. The two men are exchanging but nothing solid is landing. Dos Anjos has been bleeding from his right eye. Griffin continues to push the pace and Dos Anjos has been looking to counter and stick and move. Dos Anjos goes for another Kimura and Griffin gets teh single. Griffin finishes off the round with a nice flurry of ground and pound from the top. The judges see it 30-27 across the board for Tyson Griffin; Unanimous Decision Rd. 3 at 5:00

Ryan Bader vs. Carmelo Marrero (LHW)
Rd. 1 – Bader gets a big take down and moves to half and looking to mount. Bader gets to side and works to transition to the arm bar. Marrero defends well and rolls out of it and into Bader’s guard. The two men make their way back to their feet but Bader gets another take down. Marrero gets back to his feet but after a few exchanges Bader takes Marrero down again. Bader works his ground and pound before the two men get back to the feet seconds before the round comes to a close.
Rd. 2 – Bader and Marrero take it to the ground and Bader trys to put on a front head lock but transitions to Marrero’s back. Bader has the over-under and appears to be softening Marrero up for a choke. Marrero tries to stand back up but Bader holds on to the body lock and brings the fight back to the ground. Bader is in half guard and moves to mount. Marrero attempts a leg lock and forces Bader to stand back up but comes back into Marrero’s guard. The crowd boos as the ten second mark hits. Bader throws some punches in Marrero’s guard before the round comes to a close.
Rd. 3 – Marrero throws a head kick to start off the round. Bader drops levels and gets the take down and is working in Marrero’s open guard. Bader gets to half and locks in an arm triangle and moves into side control. Marrero slips his arm out but Bader gets to mount. Bader takes Marrero’s back but can not put his hooks in but maintains over-under. Marrero gets Bader in his guard and the ref stands them up. Bader shoots in but Marrero defends. Bader shoots in again but Marrero defends, however, Bader get the fight to the ground and Marrero tries to get the rolling knee bar but it seems to be too little too late. The judges all agree; 30-27 for “Darth” Bader.

After the decision the UFC shows a pre-recorded interview that Joe Rogan conducted with Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell via satellite. Chuck talks about regaining the 205 pound title and his upcoming bout with “Shogun” at UFC 97.

Main Event – Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann (WW)
Rd. 1 – Condit tries to work the body but the two men wind up in the clinch in the center of the Octagon. Kampmann gets the take down and moves to side control. Kampmann locks on a tight guillotine but Condit moves to side and escapes. The two men get back to the feet and Condit get a take down and works his own guillotine. Kampmann gets inside the guard of Condit. Kampmann tries to lock on a heel hook but Condit rolls out and moves into half guard. Condit lands a nice knee that opens up a cut over Kampmann’s left cheek while the two attempt to stand up. Condit goes for the flying knee and lands it. Kampmann takes Condit down and locks on another guillotine but Condit holds on and the horn sounds ending the first round.
Rd. 2 – The two Welterweights exchange kicks and lock up against the fence. Kampmann gets the take down in the center of the mat. Kampmann starts throwing shots while standing up inside Condit’s guard. Kampmann continues to work in the guard of Condit which opens and closes looking for openings. Condit pushes off Kampmann and works his way back to the feet. The two men clicnh up again before separating and Condit lands a nice right front kick. Kampmann throws a few nice upper cuts and gets the fight to the ground and locks in yet another guillotine but has another arm in. Condit powers out and gets Kampmann’s back and tries to get the rear naked choke. Kampmann works to Condit’s guard as the round comes to an end.
Rd. 3 – An inadvertent poke to Kampmann’s right eye stops the action early in the third. Replay’s show that Condit hit Kampmann while attempting a flying knee. The doctor says he is OK and Kampmann wants to continue. Kampmann gets the take down and lands in Condit’s guard. Kampmann lands a few nice shots while in the guard but Condit is constantly looking for the submission working off his back well and showing good hip movement. The fight goes to the feet but Kampmann takes it back to the ground quickly. Condit looks for the Kimura but gives it up. Kampmann is looking to get out of half guard but can’t pass. Condit tries to lock on a heel hook but the fight finds its way back to the feet before Kampmann puts it back to the ground. Buffer reads the score cards, 29-28 Kampmann, 29-28 Condit and 29-28 for Martin Kampmann, a split decision victory.

Aaron Simpson def. Tim McKenzie via TKO rd.1
Rob Kimmons def. Joe Vedepo via sub rd.1
Jorge Rivera def. Nissen Osterneck via split dec.
Gleison Tibau def. Jeremy Stephens via unan. dec.
Ricardo Almeida def. Matt Horwich via unan. dec.
Brock Larson def. Jesse Sanders via sub rd.1
Tim Credeur def. Nick Catone via sub rd.2
Ryan Jensen vs. Steve Steinbeiss (bout cancelled)

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