During Terry Etim’s (12-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC) dominating TKO victory over Brian Cobb (15-5 MMA, 0-1 UFC) at UFC 95, UFC commentator Joe Rogan made comments comparing Etim’s deadly pinpoint kicks and strikes to the reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

Etim admits that it is an honor to be compared to one of the best P4P fighters in the world, but stays firmly grounded, continuing to hone his already well rounded game. Despite the stand up clinic of precision kicks and punches that finished Cobb at UFC 95, Terry also boasts nine wins via submission, proving to be very dangerous whether the fight stays standing or hits the ground.

Etim was supposed to face Justin Buchholz (8-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC) at UFC 95, but an injury postponed the fight, prompting Joe Silva and the UFC to bring in Brian Cobb as a replacement. Buchholz has since recovered and will be Terry’s next opponent at UFC 99: Franklin vs Silva which will be held at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany on June 13th.

PRO MMA (promma.info) caught up with the fighter that many in the UK press have labeled as the ‘most promising British fighter in UFC’, to get his thoughts on MMA in the U.S. compared to the UK, and who he thinks will be the first British champion in the UFC:

PRO MMA: Terry thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Your win at UFC 95 against Brian Cobb was very impressive. Cobb came in on a 9 fight win streak but you decimated his wrestling attack with precise kicks and very fast hands, drawing comparisons to Anderson Silva from Joe Rogan. How does it feel to be compared to one of the best Pound for pound fighters in the world?
Terry Etim: I think it was a great honour to be compared to Anderson Silva. He is one of the best fighters in the world, but I wouldn’t let comments like that go to my head.

PRO MMA: You were supposed to face Justin Buchholz at UFC 95, but an injury forced the UFC to fill his spot. Are you still scheduled to fight him at UFC 99?
Terry Etim: Yes, the Justin Buchholz fight is back on for UFC 99.

PRO MMA: Obviously coming into UFC 95 you prepared for Justin, but ended up facing Cobb as a late replacement. How do you prepare mentally when an opponent is changed last minute?
Terry Etim: It was a bit of a shock at first finding out my opponent was being changed two weeks before the fight, but that’s part of fighting and people get injured so it wasn’t too much of a problem for me.

PRO MMA: I’ve read a lot of articles from the U.K. that have called you “The most promising British Fighter” in the UFC. How much pressure does this add to you knowing a nation is looking at you to be that guy that dominates in the UFC?
Terry Etim: I am honoured that anyone thinks this as there are many great British fighters. It doesn’t put too much pressure on me as I just take each fight as it comes.

PRO MMA: I’ve heard that you are more nervous doing media events that you are when you step in the Octagon. Has this gotten better for you since you’ve received so much attention lately, or are you just naturally a shy person?
Terry Etim: LOL! Yes, I do get more nervous when it comes to giving interviews. I am getting more used to them as I know it comes with the job.

PRO MMA: Fans that have been following you in the UFC, see a guy with great kicks and dangerous stand up skills overall, yet you’ve won 9 of your 12 fights by submission. What facet of your game do you think is the strongest?
Terry Etim: I wouldn’t say that any one part of my game is stronger than another. I have tried to develop a well-rounded style so, hopefully, I will feel comfortable wherever the fight goes, be it on the ground or standing up.

PRO MMA: What belt level are you in jiu jitsu currently and how do you train your jiu jitsu and grappling to translate better to MMA?
Terry Etim: At the moment, I am a purple belt in jiu jitsu. We train every style separately and then incorporate them all into one.

PRO MMA: With the UFC returning to the UK and showcasing more of the talent overseas, do you feel like more and more fighters from the UK will now start to make some serious runs at title shots in the UFC?
Terry Etim: Yes, there are many good fighters in the UK. I think in the near future, we will see the first UK UFC champ. Michael Bisping is very close to becoming the first.

PRO MMA: There has been some trash talk between some fighters overseas such as Dan Hardy, talking up some potential fights with american fighters. Do you see an increased rivalry between the UK and American fighters?
Terry Etim: No, not reallly. Whether I was fighting somone from the USA or anywhere else, I would go into the fight with the same mindset, but I think the hype between the USA and UK can only be good for the sport and the fans.

PRO MMA: The UFC seems to be building some of this talk with retooling The Ultimate Fighter to be U.S. vs. U.K. It seems like a good thing as it will introduce that many more fans to fighters from the U.K. If you weren’t currently in the UFC, would you have ever considered being on that show and living in that house with all those guys?
Terry Etim: If I wasn’t in UFC and I was given the opportunity to go into the house, I wouldn’t turn it down as I am such a big fan of UFC as well as being one of their fighters.

PRO MMA: I know you’ve only fought in the states once, but what do you think the big difference is in the atmosphere and fan enthusiasm between the U.S. and England?
Terry Etim: Obviously, in America, the sport is bigger at the moment and has been around the fans longer, so they have a great understanding of the sport. It is a growing sport here and the last few shows have proven how big it is becoming and the fans have been awesome.

PRO MMA: Thanks for taking time out to talk with us at PRO MMA (promma.info). Are there any sponsors or shout outs that you would like to send out or thank?
Terry Etim: I would like to thank my team, Team Kaobon, and my coaches, Colin Heron, Marcello Brigadier and Shane Rigby.

By: Denny Hodge

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