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If you are new to the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts), we want there to be enough content to entertain you and give you a good idea what makes this sport so great and if you are one of the old-timers, then we want to provide you with up-to-the-minute news, in-depth articles, opinion, analysis, and quality exclusive interviews to chew on. We also try to provide you with enough variety to keep you occupied with just about as much MMA as you can handle.

After you first land at PRO MMA (promma.info) you can check out what the latest headlines are right on the front page. There you will find the fight announcements, fight results, interviews hot off the press, product reviews, and general up-to-the-minute MMA news.

After you’ve sunk your teeth into the appetizer, then it’s time for the meal itself. That’s when you take your mouse and move that little cursor up to the top of the main page to the navigation tabs where you can have your fill of all of our exclusive archived INTERVIEWS with the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world. Once we get a new exclusive interview with a fighter it gets archived there forever for quick access. 

Then of course there’s the PRO MMA FORUM. The Forum is kind of like the dessert. Some people like to eat their dessert first. If that is you then jump in there and chat with other fans from all over the world. Share your thoughts and opinions on the sport, post videos and photos, or just read what others are saying.

Maybe you are a fighter or a promoter, then sign up on our FIGHTER CLASSIFIEDS Page. If you are a fighter we will notify you when promoters from all over the country come to us looking to fill their cards. If you are a promoter, then let us know what you need, where, and when and we will notify the fighters in our database.

If you want to see what, when, and where the next mixed martial arts event is then go to our UPCOMING EVENTS page to find MMA event listings from all over the world. There is an even more complete list on our main page of upcoming events.

Finally, we have added a FIGHT VIDEOS page. This is where we will be placing some various new and classic and rare single fights as well as FULL EVENT videos. Right now we have some great recent events from Japan available to watch as well as some local U.S. fights.  Check back to the FIGHT VIDEOS page often because we will be updating and adding to it on a regular basis. We hope you like it. And check this…if you find an MMA video that you think is great and deserves to be there, then send us the link and we will add it! (no UFC videos please).

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