To say that heavyweight MMA fighter, Dave “Pee Wee” Herman is a talented athlete is an understatement. The guy is nothing short of phenomenal. For anyone to come into professional mixed martial arts and go 13-0 by relying mainly on their natural ability is quite the feat. That is exactly what Dave Herman did.

However, Dave finally met his match in his last bout on January 4, 2009 when he took on Mu Bae Choi at Sengoku: ‘No Ran 2009’ in Japan. It looked as though Dave would finish Choi in the first round just like he had done all but one of his other opponents, but the Korean was very tough and survived. Dave ended up gassing in round two and Choi was able to take advantage and get a TKO victory. In a little over two years as a professional fighter, it was Dave’s first defeat.

The loss has prompted Dave to officially seek out some real training for the first time in his career. PRO MMA ( talked with Dave “Pee Wee” Herman to find out why his search brought him to Nashville, Tennessee, what the future may hold, and when we may be able to see him back in the ring.

PRO MMA: How did you end up in Nashville?
DAVE: My manager knows Ed Clay at Nashville MMA and and recommended I check it out.

PRO MMA: How has your experience been training with Nashville MMA and training with Ed?
DAVE: It’s been great. I’ve learned more in the past two weeks than all my previous training put together. I also just put on a gi for the first time so that’s kind of weird.

PRO MMA: How long do you plan on staying?
DAVE: I’ve been traveling back and forth right now but as soon as my lease is up back in Indiana, I will be moving here permanently.

PRO MMA: Well, with MMA now legal in Tennessee, I hope we can see you fighting here sometime in the future.
DAVE: Yep, for sure.

PRO MMA: I have to ask because I’ve heard the rumors that the only training you have done up until now has been at home in your garage. Is that true, what’s the deal?
DAVE: It was my living room, not the garage.

PRO MMA: That is amazing. So now you have come to Nashville, did you bring you mullet wig with you? You would fit in perfectly in Tennessee wearing that mullet.
DAVE: Nah, I left it at home unfortunately.

PRO MMA: So why are you just now seeking out training?
DAVE: Well, I never really needed it before and now I need it.

PRO MMA: I can’t argue with that. You went 13-0 and finished every single opponent, and all but one in round 1. That is until you met Mu Bae Choi at Sengoku ‘No Ran 2009’. What happened in that fight?
DAVE: I just got tired. I thought I was going to finish him in round one, but he was tough. I wasn’t hurt or anything. My shoulder hurt a little from the kimura but other than that I was fine. I just gassed.

PRO MMA: Some people have said you haven’t taken your career and MMA seriously in the past. Would you say with this loss you will be taking things more seriously now?
DAVE: I am taking it more seriously now and that is why I’m here training in Nashville and will be moving here.

PRO MMA: Yeah I wold say that is pretty serious if you are uprooting your life and moving to a new state for the sole purpose of training. I’m really glad to see you want to take the steps necessary to take your game and career to the next level. So when is your next fight?
DAVE: My next fight is April 24. I will be fighting for Bellator Fighting Championship in Florida [changed to Colorado Springs] but I’m not sure who the opponent is yet [Josh Barnes is opponent].

PRO MMA: That’s awesome man. Thanks a lot for speaking with me and I can’t wait to see you back in there doing your thing and maybe showing off some new skills. Would you like to send a shout out or thank anyone?
DAVE: I just want to thank Ed Clay at Nashville MMA for taking me in and being so accommodating.

By:  Jack Bratcher

One thought on “Dave Herman ready to get serious about MMA career – PRO MMA exclusive”
  1. hello dave….lookin good and looking strong….
    (that’s an understatement!)
    i met you a few yrs ago when you had a fight in NJ and were hanging with friends…
    some of my students are big fans of yours, so i told them i’d try to reach out and see if you’d reach back….
    they are 5th graders and think you are ‘it’…
    i told them you are not only ‘it’, but very nice, too…
    i look forward to catching another match of yours some time…

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