UFC FIGHT NIGHT 17 took place in Tampa, Florida tonight, Saturday, February 7, 2009.

After last weekend produced a card with not one submission, tonight there were a hand full of beautiful technical chokes and a great armbar by Joe Lauzon in the main event. Lauzon fought a very tough Jeremy Stephens. Stephens was looking to take off Joe’s head but had to settle for just a little blood. Lauzon plays it smart, gets Stephens to the ground and uses his grappling prowess to get the win. Great job Joe!

Here are the results of the entire card and a summary of the televised fights.

UFC Fight Night 17 results:
Matt Riddle def. Steve Bruno by unanimous decision in rd 3
Nick Catone def. Derek Downey by submission (keylock) in rd 2
Gleison Tibau def. Rich Clementi by submission (guillotine) in rd 1
Matt Veach def. Matt Grice by TKO (strikes) in rd 1
Dan Miller def. Jake Rosholt by submission (guillotine) in rd 1
Kurt Pellegrino def. Rob Emerson by submission (RNC) in rd 2
Anthony Johnson def. Luigi Fioravanti by TKO in rd 1
Josh Neer def. Mac Danzig by submission (triangle choke) in rd 2
Cain Velasquez def. Denis Stojnic by TKO (strikes) in rd 2
Joe Lauzon def. Jeremy Stephens by submission (armbar) in rd 2

(WW) Anthony Johnson vs Luigi Fioravanti
rd.1 – Johnson looking good in his stand up. Nice leg kicks. Luigi throws a big overhand right but misses. Luigi knees Johnson in the Johnson. Time out is called. Fioravanti eats a big right hand that rocks him, Johnson smells blood, rushes in with a kick and more punches that put Luigi down. Johnson finishes him off with hammer-fists until the ref stops the fight with twenty-one seconds left in the round.
Anthony Johnson def. Luigi Fioravanti by TKO in rd 1

(LW) Mac Danzig vs Josh Neer
rd.1 – Danzig gets rocked right away with a punch. Neer comes in grabs the Thai plum but Danzig recovers and separates. Neer comes at him taunting a bit. Danzig fires back and rocks Neer with a punch. Neer recoers and keeps pressing forward controlling Danzig and grabs the plum. Danzig breaks it and it’s a test of the clinch. Neer trying to control Danzig but Danzig gets out and delivers a combo. Neer is stalking and throws knees to the body. Big leg kick from Danzig. Big right hand from Danzig puts Neer on his back. He goes into Neer’s guard and Neer seems ok and looking for a triangle. Danzig gets out but Neer is attacking. An incredible round. Round of the year so far in my opinion. Neer kept on stalking and Danzig would fire back and survived.
rd.2 – Big left hand by Danzig conects. Danzig shoots but gets takend down by Neer. Neer is in Danzig’s guard and delivers some nasty ground and pound. Big elbows again and again. Danzig is surviving but barely. Neer has Danzig’s back but slips over and Danzig is now on top. Neer is controlling Danzig much better and is not receiving much punishment. Neer delivered a lot of damage from the top. Danzig is still in his guard.. Neer goes for a triangle and Danzig is trapped. Danzig taps out. Neer showed no fear of anything Danzig had to offer. This is Danzig’s second loss in a row, something he said he could not let happen.
Josh Neer defeats Mac Danzig by submission (triangle choke) in rd 2

(HW) Cain Velasquez vs Denis Stojnic
rd.1 – Veglasquez is looking dominant with multiple punches, leg kicks, knees, and more. Denis Stojnic is still standing tough somehow. Stojnic hasn’t been rocked although he took a lot of shots.
rd.2 – Cain lands punches in bunches to the head and then body. Stojnic goes for a guillotine but Cain slips out. Cain in side control delivering big elbows and punches. Stojnic turtles up and is taking massive damage. Stojnic doing nothing but covering up at this point. The ref is warning him to work. That’s it.
Cain Velasquez defeats Denis Stojnic by TKO (strikes) in rd 2

(LW) Matt Veach vs Matt Grice
rd.1 – Grice rocks Veach, goes for an anaconda choke but Veach escapes. Grice rocks Veach with a punch and he falls to his back, he tries to finish but cannot. Veach gets up, they trade punches. Veach lands a big right hook and Grice goes down KO-stlye, Veach follows up with a couple for good measure and the ref is forced to call it. Grice protests the stoppage but it was a definite flash KO.
Matt Veach defeats Matt Grice by TKO (punches) in rd 1

(LW) Joe Lauzon vs Jeremy Stephens
rd.1 –Lauzon pulls guard immediately. Has Stephens in a body lock and they both stand up. Joe still locked up lands a knee to the head of Stephens. Stephens lands one back. Joe drops and goes for a leg lock but Stephens is out. Stephens back up and Lauzon throws him down and is now in Stephens’ guard. Elbows from Lauzon. Lauzon in half guard and now in full mount. Lauzon goes for an armbar. Stephens is holding tight. Stephens is out and now has the top advantage. Stephens with the underhooks on his back. Stephens postures up and lands some big shots. Joe’s head is up against the cage. Joe is up but gets slammed by Stephens. Joe has him back in guard. Great round.
rd.2 – Lauzon trades some punches with Stephens and then gives Stephens a fireman’s carry to put Stephens on his back. Stephens now on top and passes to side control. Elbows from Joe. Stephens tries to escape but Joe keeps control. More elbows from Joe. Full mount by Lauzon. Big elbow from Joe. Stephens gives up his back and Lauzon looks for a rear naked choke. Stephens escapes and now is on top. Joe is cut from a punch. Joe reverses and is back on top now but he is bleeding. Joe gets mount then switches to side then back to full mount. Lauzon gets an armbar. Stephens tries to escape but Lauzon adjusts it and has it deep. Jeremy Stephens taps out. Great intelligent performance from Joe Lauzon. Awesome fight.
Joe Lauzon defeats Jeremy Stephens by submission (armbar) in rd 2

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