Diego Sanchez finds truth in Dan Quinn’s Stevia campaign

Diego Sanchez becomes new spokesperson for Stevia

Dan Quinn has finally found a spokesperson for his ‘Stevia Saves the World’ campaign and who better to represent the idea of cold fusion in a blender than Diego Sanchez.

In a recent interview with Carson’s Corner, Diego talks about dropping to lightweight and getting ready for his first fight at the new weight class against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. Joining Diego during the hour long audio interview is none other than the Sultan of Stevia himself, Dan Quinn. The two spend the hour answering questions from Bob Carson about everything from how Stevia cured a lump in Ali Sonoma’s breast to Dan Quinn wanting to chop someone’s penis in half.

It’s the most entertaining MMA-related interview in a long time and well worth the listen. Diego said he saw how passionate Dan was about Stevia and being the open-minded person he is, thought he would give it a try since he’s tried every other supplement under the sun. According to Diego, Stevia has given him a new level of energy and really made a difference in his move to lightweight. He is now a full on supporter of the herbal sweetener.

If you haven’t yet experienced the enigma of Dan Quinn, go to youtube and do a search for his name. Quinn is a former Notre Dame football player, MMA fighter, marijuana advocate, and an all-around extreme dude. His life purpose is to propagate the advantageous uses of the herb Stevia. According to Quinn, if you follow his directions on blending the herb with water, it can do everything from help you lose weight to bring cats back from the dead.

Here is a link to On the Mat’s Bob Carson and his interview with Dan Quinn and new Stevia spokesperson, Diego Sanchez: AUDIO INTERVIEW

2 thoughts on “Diego Sanchez finds truth in Dan Quinn’s Stevia campaign”

  1. I hope that STEVIA will be able to help you after I destroy you on March 19, DAN. I feel you will have to find another drug to find your way and find hope in something else to believe in. HINT: most people turn to GOD!

  2. Hey after I mop you up on the mat maybe you can come to me for some lessons! I can possibly teach you a few things. But they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I can TRY!!!

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