Michael Bisping to face Anderson Silva if he can get past Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson became the official coach Saturday night at UFC 93 for Team USA on season nine of The Ultimate Fighter which will air on Spike TV beginning April 1. His team will be competing against Team U.K. coached by Michael Bisping.

At the conclusion of season nine, Coach Bisping will face Coach Henderson inside The Octagon. According to a new report, if Michael Bisping is successful in that fight he will be granted a Middleweight Title shot against the number one fighter in the world, UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva.

This is an incredible opportunity for Bisping who had been a contestant on season three of the very reality series he will be coaching. Bisping’s only loss inside The Octagon came from the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Rashad Evans at UFC 78 in November of 2007. Since then he has reeled off three straight victories.

Bisping is facing two obstacles before he gets a shot at the Middleweight Champ. First and foremost he has to get through Dan Henderson which will be no easy task. However, with the help of Rampage and the guys at Wolf’s Lair it is indeed a real possibility. Secondly, Bisping has to hope Anderson Silva doesn’t make a permanent move up to light heavyweight before he could get to him.

Bisping has already had thoughts on how he would deal with the Champ, “I think with Silva you have to rough him up a bit, get in his face and smother his work. I think that is where people have been going wrong, they give him the distance to work with.”

– Jack Bratcher

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  1. Dan Henderson is not, I repeat, not a good opponent for Bisping. I believe this will be a boring fight, with Henderson getting the usual decision win. I dont see any way that Bisping KO’s Hendo, which would be his only hopes in winning this fight.

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