Ken Shamrock to fight Bo Cantrell on Friday the 13th at War Gods

In an strange twist of fate, Ken Shamrock recently announced in an interview with The Garv that he will be facing former Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson opponent, Bo Cantrell on February 13th on the WarGods: Valentine’s Day Massacre card. When asked who he was fighting Shamrock responded:

I’m fighting Bo Cantrell. The original plan was to fight John Marsh but he couldn’t get ready in time. So Bo Cantrell was another opponent that we also thought would be a good fight and he stepped up to the plate. So we’re going to step up and fight Bo Cantrell on February 13th in Fresno, California. And it’s going to be the Valentine’s Day massacre, Friday the 13th.

A true legend in the sport who fought at the first UFC, Ken Shamrock was last scheduled to fight against the aforementioned Ferguson on the last Elite XC card in October of 2008. Before the fight Shamrock received a cut above his eye that forced the Florida athletic commission to block him from getting into the cage.

Prior to being chosen as an opponent for Ferguson many in the MMA world had been calling for Shamrock to retire since he is just 2-8 in his last ten fights, and currently riding a five-fight losing streak with all of the losses coming by way of knockout.

Shamrock was the first man to hold the UFC Superfight Championship, which was a precursor to the Heavyweight Title. In his career he has defeated UFC champions, Dan Severn, Maurice Smith, and Bas Rutten. His record currently stands at 26-13 with 2 draws.

The MMA world can thank Bo Cantrell for being one of the fighters that helped launch Kimbo Slice mania by being stopped in less than twenty seconds when he tapped out due to punches. The heavyweight journeyman will carry an 10-11 record into the fight and is also like Shamrock, on a five fight losing streak.

Editor’s note:  Shamrock originally requested to fight Jason Voorhees on the Valentine’s Day Massacre card but Voorhees apparently drowned recently.