Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-3) gets a chance for redemption at UFC 93 on Jan.17 in Dublin, Ireland when he faces Mark “The Hammer” Coleman (15-8).

In February 2006 at PRIDE 31, Shogun lost a fight to Coleman by TKO when he fell to the mat, landed the wrong way and broke his arm early in round one. While most fighters would not revel in a win of this nature, Coleman celebrated his victory as if he had won a World MMA Grand Prix. On top of that, a riot broke out between the two camps.

Shogun recently spoke to MMA Sports magazine and discussed what getting another shot at Coleman means to him. Shogun also responds to hearing that Thierry Sokoudjou (5-3) wants to fight him.

Shogun admits this fight is personal for him and had this to say about Mark Coleman:

If I were him I would never celebrate this win. After that, he started to say a lot of bullshit about me and my team. And this motivated me to fight him. I do consider him a tough opponent and be sure I will give my best to beat him.

He does not have honor. He was not a man with me. When I got my arm broken, we talked after the fight and he was a nice guy in my face, but when I turn my back, he said a lot of false and bad stuff about me. That’s the reason this fight became a personal issue for me.

Shogun hears that “The African Assassin” Thierry Sokoudjou wants to fight him and had a few words for the Team Quest fighter:

I think Sokoudjou needs to shut up. Both Machida and Cane gave him a hard time and he is in no position to choose.

Shogun has a lot more to say including how he thinks the rematch will Coleman will be different, how his training has been going, what went wrong in the fight with Forrest Griffin and much more. Check out the entire interview at

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