What is left for Randy Couture? At this point it is doubtful that he will ever hold the Heavyweight Championship Title again.

There were the rumors of him fighting Chuck but that’s most likely not going to happen.¬†Where does a man go who said over a year ago that there were only a couple of fights left for him that made sense?

Sadly, Couture’s dream of fighting Fedor Emelianenko is all but a memory. How frustrating it must have been for Couture to want something so badly and to go to such extremes to try and make it happen only to be denied.

The most logical bout for Couture at this point would be the loser of Nogueira and Mir who are scheduled to fight on January 27th at The Ultimate 2008. If Randy ends up fighting Frank Mir that would actually be an intriguing match up that MMA fans could get behind.

The question is, could Randy get behind that fight? For arguments sake let’s say he does fight Mir and wins, then what? Nogueira?¬†

Clearly, no one wants to see a Couture vs. Lesnar part 2; least of all Randy. At 220+ pounds, Couture is giving up a minimum of thirty pounds to the triad of trouble in Lesnar, Mir, and Nogueira.

Even if by some remote chance in Hell, Couture were to win back the Heavyweight Title, he’s not going to be able to defend it.

Couture’s other option is to go down to light heavyweight. He’s not going to fight the champion, which is his student. The Liddell fight has been scoffed at. Would they dare bring Tito back?

There is one final superfight that barely glimmers of possibility and that is Randy Couture vs. Anderson Silva at Light Heavyweight. It’s an interesting match up and would definitely sell tickets. Of course as far as rankings and titles go it means nothing but it would be a good fight.

Much like a chess game nearing check mate, there are only a couple of moves left. They must be strategic. They must be meaningful. After all we are dealing with a legend here.

Sadly, the roads for Captain America have narrowed greatly and are coming to an end.

-Jack Bratcher

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