On November 18th the UFC in cooperation with First Look Studios will officially step into the next generation by releasing “Ultimate Comebacks”, the first UFC title on Blu-ray Disc.

Pete Sell vs. Scott Smith and Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries are just two of the bouts named to be on this high-definition release.

More than four hours of hardcore Ultimate Fighting footage, much of it never before seen on TV is said to be on the “Ultimate Comebacks” Blu-ray disc. Behind-the-scenes interviews will also be included.

If you have never seen a movie in Blu-ray, you are in for a real treat. If you have a Hi-Definition TV but don’t have a Blu-ray player then you are not getting the full use out of your TV. If you have been putting off getting a Blu-ray player, then this is your perfect excuse.

I highly recommend getting a Playstation 3 which is fully equipped witha Blu-ray player. That way you can have the best of the next generation gaming world as well as the best of the video/movie world and you will be able to play the UFC 2009 Undisputed game when it comes out! So there you go…make your Christmas list now.

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