The BJJ phenomenon and grappling coach of Xtreme Couture, Robert Drysdale, made his MMA debut on Friday night at TUFF-N-UFF at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. Drysdale faced an experienced 8-0 Josh Musick out of Kentucky. Drysdale walked away with a first round arm bar. Here is the fight as caught on video from one of the spectators:

6 thoughts on “Robert Drysdale victorious in MMA debut (fight video)”
  1. Ok drysdale didn’t win first of all because this was suppose to be 2 min round and musick held him off and HE DIDNT GET THE ARM BAR because it should have went to 2 rounds so get your stuff straight it was a no contest. thanks

  2. and watch the time the bell rings at 1. 58 so if your good at math you would know its suppose to ring again at 3.58

  3. and if you don’t believe me that it was suppose to be 3 2 min rounds listen close to the announcer before the fight he even says it

  4. Hey f up is your name Josh Musick? Seriously man, chill out. Smoke a bowl or something. That sure looked like an armbar to me. Musick taps, ref stops fight, Drysdale raises his hands in victory. It’s pretty cut and dry. Work on some other conspiracy theory. lol

  5. I was at the fight and girls have 2 minute round and guys have 3 minute round. I guess Musick is use to fighting in the girls category……Drysdale was victorious

  6. the only thing that matters is that it was suppose to be 2 min rounds, and it should have went to the second round, don’t get me wrong drysdale is a beast and did have the better chance of winning, but still it should have went the the 2nd.

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