Chess Game Fight Gear is sponsoring our UFC 90 Pick em’ Contest. It’s very easy to enter. All you have to do is get the most picks right off the main card of UFC 90 and call the main event down to the closest time and method of victory and you win a very cool Chess Game Fight Gear T-Shirt! It’s that simple!

Here’s how the main card at UFC 90 looks:

  1. (main evet) Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote
  2. Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves
  3. Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard
  4. Fabricio Werdum Vs. Junior Dos Santos
  5. Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin

Pick the winner of each five fights and pick the round, time, and method of victory of the main event, Silva vs. Cote.

Put your contest answers in the comment box below.

The person with the most correct answers will win. If there’s a tie it will be decided by the specifics of the main event such as time, round, and method of victory.  If there’s still a tie, the first correct entry wins.

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Also, there will be a consolation prize (UFC DVD) for the person with the coolest avatar. Upload your avatar at (it’s a universal avatar that is used on many sites all over the internet). If you don’t upload an avatar, a generic avatar is provided and that one does not count for the contest.  Once your avatar is uploaded it will take about ten minutes to appear next to your entry.

Here’s the T-Shirt that will be given away (green):

24 thoughts on “PRO MMA’S UFC 90 Pick em’ Contest – your chance to win Chess Game Fight Gear!!”
  1. 1. Anderson Silva – TKO, 2:10, RD 1
    2. Thiago Alves
    3. Gray Maynard
    4. Fabricio Werdum
    5. Sean Sherk

  2. Anderson Silva-Tko-2nd round-2:24
    Josh Koscheck
    Gray Maynard
    Fabricio Werdum
    Tyson Griffin

  3. 1. Anderson Silva – TKO, 2:47, RD 1
    2. Thiago Alves
    3. Gray Maynard
    4. Fabricio Werdum
    5. Sean Sherk

  4. 1. Silva by tko in the 3rd round at the 4:10 mark. 2.Koscheck. 3.Maynard. 4. Dos Santos (upset). 5.Sherk.

  5. 1. Cote- KO – round 2 – 1:59
    2. Koscheck – Split Decision
    3. Gray Maynard – TKO round 2 -3:30
    4. Junior Dos Santos – Majority Decision
    5. Tyson Griffin – Majority Decision

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