EliteXC had a media conference call today featuring Gina Carano, Kelly Kobald, Jake Shields, and Paul Daley, all who will be fighting Oct. 4 on CBS Saturday Night Fights.  The four fighters fielded questions from various reporters. Here’s a synopsis:

Gina  Carano & Kelly Kobald
Carano, when asked if she felt any frustration for not being able to fight Chris Cyborg, responded, that there’s no frustration for not fighting Cyborg this time. Although she does want to fight her, she wants to get through this fight first and then see what happens with Cyborg. Gina insisted, “I’m gonna be here for a second.”

Jared Shaw thinks the media is making too big of a deal out of Gina Carano “refuting her position” as the face of women’s mma.

One subject Gina Carano did not care to spend much time discussing was her weight. When asked what she weighs now and how much she will weigh at weigh-ins next Friday, she responded, “I will weigh 140 lbs. next Friday and what I weigh now I will keep to myself.” According to Carano, weight has been one of her biggest challenges. However, she said for the first time she is trying to do it right. She now has a nutritionist who is helping her to make weight the correct way. Carano said that in the past she has not had the right people around to help her with that and that she had done it [weight-cutting] wrong in the past. I’m not quite sure how she was cutting weight in the past, but she said when she told her nutritionist how she had been doing it, “her mouth dropped wide open.” Carano stressed the point further by saying, “Making weight is the first battle and the second battle is in the ring.” It was clearly a sensitive subject for the young athlete.

Gina’s opponent, Kelly Kobald when asked if she was concerned about Gina not making weight had this to say, “The fight will go on no matter what. Do I think it’s fair or professional? Not really. But if it’s something that happens, I will address it then.” When asked if she has ever had trouble with weight, Kobald replied, “I”ve never missed weight before. I have fought as little as 130 lbs. and as much as 180lbs. and it’s never been a problem.” Kobald is at 160 lbs. now and needs to lose 20 lbs. in eight days. She assured a reporter it is no problem.

I was able to ask both ladies who were some of the females in MMA that inspired them. Gina didn’t really seem to have a clear answer though she mentioned Leila Ali. Kobald, much more direct in her appreciation said that Tara LaRosa has done more for women’s MMA than anyone and her position as the #1 female fighter in the 135lb. weight division is pretty much undisputed.

Jake Shields & Paul Daley
Jake Shields was winding down with his last sparring session today and reportedly had a great training camp.

Shields when asked what he though of Paul Daley, “He’s got a bit of a mouth on him but he’s a great fighter.”   When asked to clarify what he meant by Daley having “a bit of a mouth on him,” Shields says, “He said I’m scared of him and he’s gonna knock me out. But, he’s never fought a top ten fighter and I think it’s his way of dealing with the pressure.”

Paul Daley has KO’d six opponents in a row and Shields seems well aware the need to take the fight to the ground.

When asked how he matched up with Shields, Daley said, “Stylewise it’s nothing I haven’t encountered before. It’s a classic striker vs. grappler match.”

Paul is 25 Years old. When asked why he left the sport for awhile, Daley said, “It wasn’t a priority in the past and that’s why I took some time off.”

Some reporter from Sherdog thought Daley had a problem with PRO ELITE in the past but Daley insisted, “I never had a problem with PRO ELITE…..the problem was with CAGE RAGE not PRO ELITE never.”

Shields was asked if Paul earned a shot at the title? “Yeah he was the Cage Rage champ. He got an easier route than me but out of the people they have signed he’s the number one contender.”

Should this fighter be a winner take all…winner gets the Cage Rage and Elite XC Title? Both fighters agreed they would want that. But this is not a Cage Rage fight so the Cage Rage title is not at stake. Shields said he feels the Elite XC title is over and above the Cage RAge title.

Shields said he would need to beat GSP to be considered the best since he is ranked number one. That is a fight he wants in the future but now he wants to go out and make and example of Paul Daley.

Jake said he would like to put Paul on his back at some point although he’s not afraid to stand with him. Shields knows his standup is not at the level of Paul Daley. If he tries to go straight punch for punch it’s likely he will go down and vice versa if Paul tried to go to the ground with him he would probably get submitted.

Daley said he will “test any standup Jake has think he has learned…a lot of people think they are throwing good strikes but when you analyze it and break it down “it’s just shit.”

Shields has no intention of leaving Elite XC but he is frustrated he can’t fight GSP.

Jared Shaw said, “You can’t put that much weight with the rankings when you have these other organizations that won’t put their fighters up against the best.” Yeah OK Jared.

With Roy Nelson vs. Andrei Arlovski added to the card, some people had been wondering which one of the four previously announced main card fights might get the boot. Much to my our pleasure and appreciation, it appears that five fights will now be shown on the Elite XC CBS card as opposed to four. They must be expecting some quick KO’s. Hmmm wonder who that could be?

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