Here’s the matches from Froggy’s Fight Night, Quest SSF 3, Saturday night in Ft. Campbell, KY:

  • Adam Snell vs. Zachary Beilfuss
  • Matt Nicole vs. Robero Santos
  • Austin Combs vs. Jeremy York – Combs win by 1st rd. TKO
  • Kenny Degenhardt vs. Jordan Fraley
  • Justin Phillips vs. Zach Hicks – Zach Hicks wins by 1st rd. submission (49 seconds into the first round Phillips taps out due to a rear naked choke by Zach Hicks)
  • Michael Grahm vs. Ryan Greer
  • Earl Medly vs. Patrick Schuele – Earl Medley wins by 1st. rd. submission (Medley suplexes Schuele then snaps on an armbar forcing Schuele to tap)
  • Matt Barker vs. Brian Morales
  • Yannick Jones vs. Jonathan Smith – Yannick Jones wins by 1st rd. TKO
  • Steve Durr vs. Thomas Campbell – Thomas Campbell wins by unanimous decision
  • Thomas Olive vs. Derrech Williams
  • Ryan Delorenzo vs. Ren Dowden – Ryan Delorenzo wins by 1st rd. TKO (Delorenzo pounded out a TKO while mounted on Dowden’s back)
  • Karl Willis vs. Rober Sallier
  • Josh Shockman vs. Nick Brown – Josh Shockman wins by 2nd rd. TKO (Leg kicks helped to put Brown down where Shockman finished him off)

We still need the result of a few of the fights listed above where the winner is not stated. If anyone knows the result of any of these fights where the winner is not listed please let us know.

Here’s a video of the main event.  Josh Shockman is in the white shorts; Nick Brown is in the camoflauge.  It was definitely one of the top fights of the night.  It was very exciting to see live.  Stay tuned to PRO MMA to learn about future Froggy’s Fight Nights and SSF events.

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