by:  Jack Bratcher

He did it to us again.  Dana got everyone riled up once again siimply by uttering the words, “special announcement.”  As we first reported on Thursday, July 24th, tonight was supposed to be the night the President of the UFC was to deliver some type of special announcement.  Everytime Dana White does this, the MMA  rumor mill runs rampant with all sorts of possibilities ranging from Dana becoming sole owner of the UFC to a UFC Title Match being held at Madison Square Garden. 

Spike TV was already airing UFC 84: Ill Will tonight to counter-program CBS Saturday Night Fights.  So the news that Dana White would announce a new “special announcement” this evening would give UFC fans extra incentive not to turn their TV dials to CBS.  To the UFC’s credit, the airing of UFC 84 tonight was not just a standard replay of the pay-per-view event.  They also followed the fighters back into their locker rooms after the fights, both the winners and losers, where they gave their thoughts on the match and what went right or wrong.  It was an interesting addition to the show that was unexpected and admirable.   Then as I’m watching the fights tonight on Spike, the screen cuts to a bald-headed gentleman that I immediately recognize as “the man” and I know this must be the time for the highly anticipated brand new big-time “special announcement”.  Are you ready?  Here’s the announcement:  SPIKE TV WILL AIR UFC 89: BISPING vs. LEBEN on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2008 for FREEEEEEE!!  Yippieee!

We already knew that of course.  However, with all that’s been going on lately it had not computed for me yet who the headliner was.  The announcement was about as I expected; something to attract attention yet not groundbreaking.  I’m sure it comes as good news to all the casual UFC fans who never bother to seek out any MMA websites and I bet there were even a few people cheering somewhere when they heard Dana announce it.  As for the rest of us…we sigh. 

With so many other MMA promotions out there now and with some of the UFC’s major competition  getting prime time TV deals and pay-per-view events in the UFC’s backyard, Dana White and Co. are really upping their game with the most noticeable reward being more free MMA for fans to watch.  I’m definitely not complaining about more free MMA.  No way no how.  I just find it amazing how one man can sway the media and so many thousands of people by two little words, “special announcement.”  That’s power and that’s why DW is the man.

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