by: Jack Bratcher

Round 2 – Body kick by Goodridge.  Nice strikes by Buentello.  Leg kick by Goodridge.  Big leg kick again.   Inside kick.  Another kick to the leg.  Another leg kick.  Left hook from Goodridge.  Big exchange of punches by both.  Uppercut by Buentello.  Foot stomp by Buentello.  Nice body kick by Goodridge.  Another leg kick by Goodridge.  Big Daddy’s kicks are DEVASTATING.  Big punches from Buentello.
Round 3 – Leg kick by Goodridge.  Big punches and uppercut by Buentello.  Foot stomps by Buentello.  Clinch with knees by Buentello.  Body shots by Goodridge.  Front kick by Buentello.  Left strike by Paul.  Jumping knee by Paul.  Goodridge is hurt.  Paul moves in  Thai clinch with uppercuts by Paul.  Goodridge has recovered now.  Leg kicks by Goodridge.  Flying knee by Paul.  Round ends as Paul throws a couple of last shots.  Pretty good fight.  Not a bad performance from Big Daddy especially coming in on one day’s notice.   Note:  Round 1 was not aired on FSN

Round 1 – Big kick by Vitor.  Martin swings.  Clinched against the ropes.  Fairly uneventful round  with nothing really landing but a body kick by Vitor.
Round 2 – Time to bang.  Body kick by Belfort.  Body shot by Martin.  Body kick by Vitor, Martin catches it and takes him down.  Elbows from the bottom by Vitor. Vitor stands up.  Jab by Vitor.  Flying knee by Vitor catches Martin flush on the chin.   Terry Martin comes forward and Vitor lands a straight punch then a big uppercut that knocks Terry Martin out cold as he falls straight back into the ropes.  Amazing, beautiful shot by Vitor.  Wow!  That was incredible.


Round 1 – Clinched in corner.  Pyle takes Ambrose down.  Pyle gets full mount on Ambrose.  Ambrose gives up his back and Mike Pyle is looking for a rear naked choke.  Ambrose tries to fight it off but eventually Pyle sinks it in and Ambrose taps out.

Round 1 – Leg kicks by Edwin.  Edwin has his back in the corner, he holds the ropes with both hands and kicks Nogueira.  Takedown by Nog.  Nog lets Edwin up.  Antonio gets Dewees back in the corner and starts landing punches.  Antonio grabs a muay thai clinch and throws a left hook that drops Dewees.  Antonio jumps on him, landing big shots.  Herb Dean jumps in and saves Dewees.  TKO victory in Round 1 for Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Round 1 –
Former Olympian Matt Lindland comes right out and drops Negao with a punch.  Matt jumps on him and locks on a guillatine.  Negao rolls over.  Matt still has the choke and holds it for quite a long time..  Finally Matt lets go.  Matt is on top now in Negao’s open gaurd.  Ground and pound by Matt.  Elbows by Matt.  Both guys exchange punches.  Leg kick by Negao.
Round 2 –
Negao lands some punches and big elbows.  Matt is hurt but punches back.  Elbows by Matt then he clinches, grabs double leg and takes Negao down.  He has Negaou in the corner and is deliverin ground and pound.  Lindland is laying on the punishment; he postures up and throws a huge right.  Lindland now in Negao’s closed gaurd.
Round 3 –
Nice overhand left by Lindland.  Negao retreats.  Peppering shots from Lindland; his boxing is looking nice and reminiscent of Nick Diaz type of striking.  They are not real powerful shots but he’s landing alot.  Both fighters fall through the ropes.  Ref gets them back to the center of the ring and Lindland lands a huge knee that stands Negao straight up.

Round 1 – Leg kick by Babalu.  Clinched against the ropes.  Whitehead has Babalu pushed in the corner.  Babalu didn’t even have to cut weight for this fight.  It’s a clinch game right now.  Left jab by Babalu.  Leg kick by Babalu.  Uppercut by Whitehead.  Leg kick by Babalu.  Whitehead swings; Babalu times it perfectly, ducks, rushes in and takes him down.  Whitehead is immediately back on his feet.
Round 2 – They exchange punches.  Big left hook to the body by Babalu.  Whitehead takes Babalu down.  Babalu looking for submissions.  Ref stands them up.  Clinched followed by a big elbow by Whitehead.  Big powerful spinning backfist by Babalu that misses.  Babalu has underhooks and throws knees to Whiteheads body.  Bell sounds ending the round.
Between rounds we hear Babalu’s corner say to him, “Quit playing around.  You are way better than this prick.”  LOL
Round 3 – Babalu comes out more aggresive this round.  Axe kick by Babalu but Whitehead ducks and shoots in and throws Babalu back through the ropes.  Ref moves them back to the center.  Babalu looking for a takedown.  Whitehead tries for a takedown and they fall through the ropes again.  Whitehead’s hands are very low.  Babalu lands a punch.  Guillatine attempt by Babalu.  Whitehead ends up on top now.  Babalu locks in an omoplata but Whitehead escapes.  Front kick right to the face of Whitehead.  Spinning roundhouse by Babalu that slaps Whitehead’s face.  Babalu clinches up and throws a few quick knees to Whitehead’s legs.

Round 1 – Leg kick by Young.  Right hand by Young.  Left hook by Hominick.  Both guys are very quick.  Lots of exchanges with Hominick landing more.  Leg kick by Young.
Between rounds the camera shows us backstage in Fedor’s dressing room where he is….playing cards.  Yes it’s true.  This is how The Last Emperor prepares for one of the most dangerous heavyweights in the world.
Round 2 – Savant Young gets a takedown and is on top.  Hominick rolls over and goes for a triangle.  Then goes for an armbar, then back to triangle, the back to armbar where he locks it in and Savant Young taps out.
After the fight when they give Mark Hominick the microphone he says, “Mr. Trump, I have lots of space on my shorts if you want to sponsor me.”  LOL

Round 1 – Barnett stands toe to toe with Rizzo.  Lots of feeling out, nothing really landing.  Fairly uneventful round.
Round 2 – Leg kick by Barnett.  Barnett throws a right then a left hook that connect right on the chin of Rizzo.  Rizzo falls back and lands flat on his back.  Josh Barnett has just knocked Pedro Rizzo out cold.  Barnett gets his revenge.

Round 1 – Arlovski throws a leg kick.  Arlovski throws some strikes that don’t land. Arlovski strikes with another leg kick.  Rothwell clinches.  Arlovski lands a right hand out of the clinch.  Arlovski looking more aggressive than his last few fights. Arlovski gets a takedown by tripping Rothwell. Arlovski goes for an ankle lock. Rothwell breaks out and stands up. Rothwell throws some strikes then clinches up.  They break the clinch and Arlovski lands a comination of rights and lefts. Rothwell looks hurt but his is able to recover.  Rothwell lands a nice right hand
Round 2 – Arlovski lands an inside leg kick. Rothwell lands a right.  Arlovski retaliates with rights and lefts that find their mark as Rothwell retreats. Arlvoski gets a takedown. Rothwell is bleeding from his nose. Arlovski goes for ankle lock and misses and Rothwell gets on top in Arlovski’s guard. Rothwell lands and elbow. Rothwell throws some more elbows but Arlovski is defending well. Ref stands them up with about thirty seconds left in the round.  Arlovski attacks with a flurry of left hooks and uppercuts, then a head kick and tops it off with a beautiful jumping kne that lands perfectly on Rothwells chin.  What an awesome display by Arlovski.  We haven’t seen him look this great in years.
Round 3 – The fighters clinch up. Arlovski breaks free and begins an assault. Arlovski lands a big overhand right that drops Rothwell to the canvas and the ref stops the bout. KO for Andrei Arlovski.  Incredible.

Round 1 – The fighters touch gloves. Tim throws a couple of jabs from far away to gauge his distance and Fedor immediately counters with a fake right then a huge  left hook.  Sylvia attempts to clinch as Fedor lands numerous lightning fast left and right looping punches. Sylvia goes down trying to cover his head as Fedor continues to pound then Fedor takes his back, gets his hooks in and locks on a rear naked choke and the giant Tim Sylvia taps out just 36 seconds into round number one. Fedor is the new WAMMA Heavyweight Champion.  Who can stop this man?

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