Kim Couture made her pro debut last night against Kim Rose at the Thomas and  Mack center in Las Vegas.  In her corner was the former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion.  Obviously talent does not get transferred in semen because she got lit up.  I noticed in her smoker and first fight she never has her hands up and takes a lot of damage.  Well, she had her jaw broken on the first punch of the fight and was a bloody mess for the remainder.  She also had a few near submissions placed on her via choke.  Here is a picture from that was taken by Tracy Lee. (Best photographer in MMA)  Somehow Kim Couture made it the full three rounds and lost the decision, although it was a one sided fight.  Kim Sugar Free Couture needs two things….a new boxing coach and a dentist.

12 thoughts on “Kim Couture Got Whooped”
  1. yeah this is what mouth gaurds are for. where the fuck is her mouth gaurd? damn she was a pretty girl too. honestly i don’t know why she’s fighting.

  2. When I saw Kim during the spoiler, I was also wondering what she was doing in there. She didn’t look like a strong fighter as least not yet. Why is she pushing to get out there is beyond me. Wish I could have seen this fight. Doesn’t look good for her.

  3. MAYBE she has a strong passion!!! i give her props. how many people would have continued with a broken jaw??? OBVIOUSLY you shit talkers have never been in a ring. who cares if shes pretty, she hung in there and you have to respect that.

  4. It’s not about caring if she’s pretty, ronnie g, so much as if she can eat solid food for the next several months. The towel should have been thrown when it was obvious she didn’t belong in there with Kim Rose.
    I respect her toughness, but that was just a gratuitous beating.
    I’m also one of the guys begging Sakuraba to retire and fast-forwarding when Giant Silva is getting his big helpless ass soccer kicked into oblivion, though, so you can tell I’m a big softie.

  5. im a pro boxer and people tell me all the time not to fight… they say im too pretty. but i love it and so does she. i just want people to respect her. it took alot for her to finish that fight. please everyone STOP TALKING SHIT!!! SHE HAS alot of potential. im proud of her! she wouldnt of let them throw in the towel. she has alot of heart.

  6. has a lot of heart sure, but lacks a lot of sense. Her & her husband. like promma said, where’s her mouthguard? If randy knew her nose & jaw were broken he shoulda canned it so it didnt get worse. Getting hit in a shattered face for 15 minutes? Give me a break.

  7. I was at this fight on Friday. I have to say, it was difficult to watch Kimmie get beat down like that. It was obvious that she was in way over her head from the start of the fight. The first round, about 15 seconds in, Kim Rose clocked with that overhand right, the shot that broke her jaw, I guess. My friends and I just spent the next 14 minutes cringing. Too bad MMA isn’t like pro wrestling.. Kimmie could’ve tagged Gina C and Gina could’ve finished the fight. :D

    Seriously, Kimmie should never fight again. This was just awful.

  8. I fight boxing on an amateur level and I have to tell all the guys with negative coments here: before you say anything bad about someone who actually gets into the ring and lays it on the line, you have to ask yourself what you would do in the same situation. Its the easiest thing in the world to sit there and judge or ridicule a fighter but once you place yourself in that exact same place you would have to think twice.

  9. Yea…I hope Randy is now thinking before he lets her fight. She can hurt herself. She’s pretty and shouldnt be putting that face in leather. I wouldnt let my girlfriend fight. I dunno if it was her that I met with Randy at the Excalibur shuttle after Randy fought Vitor Belfort years ago but she’s pretty. A towel should have been thrown in no matter what she says.

  10. She really should have been wearing a mouth guard. If she was then it must have fell out. seems like a it more training is needed. But she is learning with the best

  11. I have to say that I am a huge fan of MMA, but come on, I don’t think there are many people that truly want to see two chicks fight, especially as brutally as this. Couture is one tough cookie. I think Rose just made a lot of enemies with this one. She looked like a crazy person in this fight coming out of her corner like she did. Breaking some chicks jaw and nose like that..damn. She looks like a dude, maybe she should fight with them. I’ve noticed that no one is really talking about Rose, even though Couture lost she’s still getting all the attention. Everyone feels bad for the pretty girl that lost, saying she has no skill, but she got a lot of good shots in too, not to mention all the takedowns she had on Rose. Just because Rose is crazy and can throw punches like a crazy dude doesn’t make her a good fighter.

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