by: Jack Bratcher

    Rafael Feijaou vs. Wayne Cole

Wayne Cole will not look in Rafael’s eyes during the staredown. Anderson Silva is in Feijaou’s corner.
Feijaou gets a takedown but Cole gets up. Clinched against cage with knees by Feijaou. Time-out called due to knee to the groin by Feijaou. Cole gets up to five minutes to recover due to the illegal knee to groin. Both come out swinging and end up in clinch with Feijaou pressing Cole against cage. Feijaou throws knees and one is caught by Cole. Immediately Feijaou throws jumping knee with his free leg. Feijaou grabs the muay thai plum throwing knees; then throws some big punches.
wayne cole goes to the ground on his knees. Rafael grabs him from behind and continues delivering big shots until the ref stops it via TKO in round 1. Now 6-1 Rafael Feijaou.
very impressive. big knee to cole’s chin put cole down then pounded out. A brutal finish. he give lots of credit to silva. When goldberg asks him what Silva meant to him he says “everything”.
Goldberg says afterwards, “I would ask you to talk us through the replay but your english isn’t so good.” There’s a small chuckle in the crowd and rafael proceeds to talk us through the replay in near perfect english.
Bad call Goldy.

Saturday July 25th 9pm will be the next CBS Saturday Night Fights
where the middleweight title will try to get decided once again by Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith after the first controversial stoppage that ruined a great fight.

    Dave “Pee Wee” Herman vs. Ron H20 Waterman

Herman comes out with a low kick. Strikes by both, then Waterman gets the takedown. This is a heavyweight bout. Some thought Herman could be taking Waterman lightly. Herman has Waterman in his gaurd. Waterman with some ground and pound. Can- opener attempt by Waterman. Herman gets up but Waterman takes him down again yet Herman gets back up again. Jumping roundhouse “karate-kid style” kick (legit) that slaps waterman in the cheek. Big elbows by Herman that had to hurt Waterman. Herman mounts Waterman and pounds him out brutally. Herman moves to eleven wins with no losses.
Ron Waterman looks bad and his eye is messed up. Good fight. Dave Herman moves really well for a heavyweight. Beautiful jumping kick by Herman in this fght although luckily for Waterman it only smacked his cheek and didn’t land full force. Herman is self-trained. Bill Goldberg asks him if he ever thought about training with a camp and he said he thought about going somewhere for maybe couple of weeks. That is strange. But not any stranger than when Goldberg hands Dave Herman the mic and tells him to announce his new nickname…..Herman obliges and says i’m thinking of changing my nickname to “blueberry muffin.” And I’m lost.

    Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello

Bonello trash talking at the staredown. Rua is a banger. Bonello jumps gaurd and has a tight gaurd. 14 of bonello’s 16 wins have been by submission. Elbows by Rua. Side control by Rua still throwing elbows as he traps one of Bonellos’ arms. Bonello looks lost as Rua gets him in a brief crucifix and these elbows keep coming. Great side control by the Ninja. Bonello is in big trouble.. He can’t move. Bonello “demanded” this fight. Wonder how he feels now. Rua went to full mount then back to side mount with NO problem. Rua puts one knee on the belly and with his left hand holding the throat of Bonello he throws big right hands to the face. Rua looks like a master and Bonello looks like a frustrated little girl getting beat by her bigger brother. Wow…one of the most one-sided dominating fights I”ve ever seen. Beautiful amazing performance by Rua. For a guy who has won by so many submissions he sure did not look good on the ground at least while he’s on his back.

    Mushin Corbbrey vs. Nick Diaz    

Slick Nick Diaz got his browbone chiseled supposedly to help him keep from getting cut so easily on his face. Let’s see if we can tell….yeah I think we can. His brow is not so protruding now. It’s not THAT noticeable but maybe you can notice a little. Side kick Diaz. Diaz immediately looks for takedown but misses. Head kick Diaz. Corbbrey throws a body punch. Diaz is boxing. Knees by Diaz then a couple of elbows. Good head movement by Corbbrey that kept Diaz missing with his strikes for a few seconds. Nice head movement. Both guys have done some pro boxing and we’re seeing a fairly technical striking match right now. Jabs by Diaz keeps Corbbrey backing up. Diaz hunting Corbbrey down and has him clinched against the cage. Big body kick by Corbbrey pisses Diaz off a bit; uppercut by Diaz. No cuts on Diaz yet which is rare. Big body shots by Diaz. Ok little blood now above Diaz’s left eye. That’s not bad considering the shots he took and what normally he would have looked like.

Round 2 – I’ve always liked watching Nick Diaz fight. I love his boxing style. Leg kick by Corbbrey. Diaz keeps Corbbrey backing up. Clinched against the cage and Diaz looking for a takedown. Corbbrey keeps him off and throws a huge elbow as he escapes. Diaz landing some good punches. NIce strong jabs by Diaz. Strong shots by Diaz. Knee by Corbbrey. Punch by Corbbrey. THE FUCKING CROWD I JUST HEARD BOO. Holy shit. Corbbrey still backing up. Diaz trash talking Corbbrey as Corbbrey backs up and uses head movement to keep Diaz missing but Diaz connects then Corbbrey comes back with a big overhand right. Bam hit Diaz but Diaz is not phased. Diaz looking for takedown and tryies hard to get him down but can’t. Goes back to boxing. Corbbrey misses with his punch. Corbbrey has better head movement than strikes. Diaz finally gets Corbbrey down but time is up. Great fucking fight. I’m so fucking sick of hearing crowds boo on these great fights. People booed during the Robbie Lawler / Scottt Smith fight and then in this fight! What is wrong with these Elite XC fans? Fucking retards.

Round 3 – Diaz looking for takedown but stuffed. Clinched. Corbbrey gets out. Punches by Diaz. Clinched again against cage. Diaz gets a good takedown and is in Corbbrey’s half gaurd. Diaz is such a good boxer we forget how great he is on the ground. Diz in side control delivers an elbow looking for a kimora. Diaz looking for an armbar but Corbbrey gets out. Diaz on top of Corbbrey and is eating punches. Diaz has looked very good here, methodically picking his opponent to pieces. Side control to full mount by Diaz. Elbows and now punches in bunches until the ref stops it by TKO. And the crowd is booing for what? Fuck you you fucking crowd. If you were at this fight and you booed during this fight….fuck you. That was a beautiful fight and a beautiful display of technique.

    KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards

Yves Edwards if the founder of “Thug-Jitsu” which is more brutal form of your traditional Jiu-Jitsu. Edwards is also the much more experienced mma fighter in this match. I’ve heard it said that Edwards is the “best fighter never to hold a title.” Well maybe tonight will change that. Bas Rutten would be proud of Yves “13 knockout – 14 submission win record.” This is for the Lightweight Title. Kj comes out kicking. Leg kick Edwards. No feeling out here. Big punch by Edwards but Noons comes back very violently and whips Edwards so fast I still don’t even know what happened. He threw so many punches and elbows it made my head spin. And it all started with a right uppercut by Noons. Noons was throwing so many punches so fast he looked like a blur. In 48 seconds of round one the fight is stopped by TKO as KJ Noons explodes and ends the fight with perfect hair and no sweat. Wow. At first I thought maybe the fight was stopped too soon cause it happened so fast but I just counted 19 unanswered strikes and Yves Edwards as he watched the replay said he got his ass kicked and he didn’t even remember any of that. :)

Now Nick Diaz is in the cage and tells KJ Noons “Don’t Be Scared” and KJ starts coming after him and the two camps get in each other face and I see some water being thrown and security has to hold everyone back as there is a near riot. The purpose of that episode is to hype up a rematch between Nick Diaz and KJ Noons; a fight that was stopped early because of a cut. And that will be one helluva fight that I’m really looking forward to. Great night of fights folks! PEEEEEEEEEEEEECE.

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  1. great recap. Nate diaz ran back to the cage after and spit on Kj’s dad. Also someone took a swign at nick but missed. Why would they bring nick back in the ring with his gloves on and no shirt lol. God the diaz boys are soo low class it is unreal.

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