by: Jack Bratcher

Tom Atencio, the vice-president of Affliction and Affliction Entertainment spoke with Gorgeous George and Frank Trigg over at Tagg Radio.

Donald Trump is an equity partner in Affliction Entertainment. When asked by radio host, Frank Trigg what “The Donald” brings to this whole thing, Tom Atencio, vice-president of Affliction replied that Trump brings a horde of media interest in the event. At the Affliction press conference held just prior to this interview, Atencio said that Trump brought 75% of the media that was there today. Without Trump’s involvement, the large “buzz” surrounding this Affliction: Banned event within mainstream media would not exist.

Frank Trigg said that he can’t think of a fight card that has been as big as the Affliction: Banned card scheduled for July 19th, in the history of MMA and I have to agree. The fight event’s undercard will be an hour long show live on FOX Sports. Alex Emelianenko vs. Paul Buentello is the main event on the undercard. The main card will be on Pay-Per-View with the main event being Tim Sylvia facing the number one heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko.

Tom Atencio confirmed that Frank Trigg will be one of the commentators for the Affliction: Banned card. The other commentators who may be involved were not named. Tom went on to say that he thinks the EliteXC show on CBS on May 31st did nothing but good things for the sport.

The Afflicion: Banned show is scheduled for July 19th. Affliction’s second show is scheduled for October, possibly November, and the third show for February.

Atencio responded to this question about Affliction getting involved with MMA, “Is this an ad campaign for the clothing line or are you really trying to make money on the fights themselves?” Tom said they are definitely trying to make money and be successful financially with the fights and that he had never heard of someone running a business that they didn’t want to succeed. Some people have doubts that Affliction can earn back a profit considering the expense it is taking to put on a Mixed Martial Arts event of this magnitude, the likes of which have never been seen. But with Donald Trump and a TV deal involved, the sky’s the limit on what they can possibly accomplish.

Listen to today’s episode of TAGG Radio to hear the interview.

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