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Tito’s Triangle at UFC 84

This was Tito’s only hope; a last minute triangle to armbar attempt that quickly failed. Lyoto Machida went on to win a unanimous decision in which could very well be Tito Ortiz’s last fight in the UFC. Notice Tito’s raw ... Read More »

Lyoto Machida vs. Rich Franklin (video)

The first part of this first video has some Lyoto highlights then goes into round one with Lyoto Machida’s fight with Rich Franklin. Round 1 [youtube=] Round 2 [youtube=] Read More »

Kimbo Responds To Dana White (video)

[youtube=] It’s pretty cool how Kimbo doesn’t keep the smack talk going with Dana.  Also, pretty funny when this woman interviewer asks Kimbo, “just what is a Kimbo NUT?” Read More »

Meet Sakuraba’s next opponent

Sakuraba’s original opponent,Kiyoshi Tamura, had to pull out of the second round of the DREAM middleweight tournament due to a broken finger. His replacement is this man, Melvin Manhoef. Here’s a video of Manhoef. Many think Sakuraba could be in ... Read More »

Grapplers Beware of Armpit Vagina

There may come a time in your fighting career when you find yourself grappling against an opponent who doesn’t shave under their arms.  And in rare instances you may be forced in a position where you are faced staring into the armpit of your opponent.  And it’s in those rare moments fighters have witnessed what can only be termed, “Armpit Vagina”. This is ... Read More »

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