Florian believes McGregor vs GSP will be biggest ever


Georges St. Pierre is back home in the UFC and rumors are swirling about his first opponent. GSP along with everyone else wants to fight Conor McGregor because let’s be honest here that it’s the biggest money someone is going to make right now in the UFC. UFC on FOX analyst Kenny Florian thinks that if it happens it will not only be huge, but the biggest PPV of all time. He stated the following on his podcast recently:

Without a doubt, that’s the biggest fight in UFC history right there. You look at Georges St-Pierre and what he brings to the table. He was pretty consistent at around one million pay-per-view buys is what I was hearing. And we know what Conor McGregor is bringing in, he’s past that right now. Imagine a 2 million buy pay-per-view in the UFC between those two. I think that’s a very realistic thing. And with the way the UFC has been doing things, they haven’t been waiting around. They have been trying to go for the big game kill right away. They been trying to put together the biggest fights they can, as quickly as possible. That might be the fight. I would love to see it.

It’s a fascinating fight. I don’t know if we are going see it right off the bat, but we just might. That might be a nice consolation prize for Conor McGregor if he can’t get Mayweather.

I think we all see GSP taking him down and giving him the human blanket treatment. Maybe McGregor needs the rest.

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