The Ultimate Fighter 16 episode 5 recap

Episode 5 begins with Team Nelson trying to console a disappointed and emotional Julian Lane following his loss to Team Carwin standout Bristol Marunde. Shane Carwin reminds his team to be ready as he and the assistant coaches work toward determining the next matchup in the competition.

Back at the house, Lane lets a couple of the Team Carwin fighters in on how the fight selection was determined. After finding out it was by drawing straws, Matt Secor voices some negative comments aimed at the intelligence of Lane which escalates the conversation into conflict. An emotional Lane, having already been eliminated, confronts Secor and threatens to fight him right there, voicing his lack of concern for being sent home at this point. Secor remains calm and walks away from the situation, explaining that he has too much to lose to do anything stupid in the house.

At the training center, Cameron Diffley explains that the practices up to this point have lacked intensity and organization, before confronting Coach Nelson about the situation. Team Nelson’s Colton Smith disagrees with the assessment, explaining that in his eyes, his teammates should take the initiative themselves to get in extra training.

With that, it’s time for the fight pick. Team Carwin uses their control of the fight pick to select Nic Herron-Webb from Team Nelson to fight Igor Araujo from Team Carwin. Carwin believes that Igor’s stand up will earn Team Carwin another victory, adding that the grappling of both guys is pretty even.

Next, Igor Araujo introduces himself to the viewers, talking about how he came from Brazil to train with Team Jackson-Winklejohn in New Mexico. Araujo started training jiu-jitsu back in 2000 and now holds the rank of black belt. Araujo goes on to explain that he began fighting in 2004 after struggling to pay his rent and support himself.

Coach Carwin brings in Eliot Marshall to work with Araujo’s jiu-jitsu, and both coaches work on designing a gameplan which includes fighting at range with kicks before taking the fight to the mat and implementing the strong ground game of Araujo.

The guys at the house decide that Mike Ricci will be the next victim in the prank war. Again, it’s a mattress that’s involved, and Ricci admits that finding his mattress missing upset him more than he anticipated it would. As he finds his mattress on top of the gazebo, Ricci confronts Herron-Webb and Lane about his bed, asking them to go get his bed and bring it back in the house. Both guys refuse, and in the end it’s his own team that helps him retrieve his mattress.

Herron-Webb then talks about his background in Alaska, and how his nickname of “Naptime” came about. With a nickname like that, a fighting style such as “Nap-jitsu” was sure to follow. Herron-Webb uses the training session to drill his own gameplan which is heavily based on takedowns and top control.

Herron-Webb believes that his brand of jiu-jitsu will overcome the black belt of Araujo, and goes on to explain that a submission victory may be in the cards as he looks to prove to the other guys in the house that he is a UFC caliber talent.

The night before the fight, Igor Araujo gets caught up in the emotion of being away from home, shedding tears as he explains how he misses his family and how he worries that everyone is ok without him. Missing his son’s second birthday understandably worsens the situation, but he goes on to talk about his experience on the show as a positive, strength-building experience.

Team Carwin – Igor Araujo vs. Team Nelson – Nic Herron-Webb

Round 1 – Araujo’s length is apparent right off the bat. His range could present problems for Webb in this one. He starts with a nice kick, then ducks a Webb counter and gets an early takedown. Webb goes to his rubberguard immediately. Araujo postures up then dives in with a right hand. Webb creates some space and scrambles but Araujo maintains top control. After another scramble, Araujo moves to full mount and starts to go to work. Webb locks up his head trying to control Araujo’s posture as his corner tells him to let go and get his hips out. Araujo works Webb to the cage, still maintaining a full mount. Araujo delivers some right hands, forcing Webb to roll and cover up. Araujo flattens him out and continues to land shots from the to. He’s looking to sink in the rear naked choke, but then is content to let go of the choke and work some more strikes. He’s digging in looking for the choke now. Webb is doing nothing from the bottom but covering up. He’s flattened out and taking a beating with 1:20 left to go. Webb tries to get wrist control, then manages to shake Araujo high on his back. He’s nearly out the back door, but then Araujo re-positions back to tight control on the back. He locks up a body triangle late but is running out of time. Webb reverses at the last second, but Round 1 was all Igor Araujo.

Round 2 – Araujo starts with two kicks to set up his first takedown attempt of the second round. Webb fights it off and goes for a kimura. Araujo scrambles out and goes for an armbar. Nice back-and-forth action to start. Webb ends up on top after fighting off the armbar and is now in the full guard of Araujo. Araujo is doing a good job with wrist control so far. Webb pulls free and lands a couple of short elbows. Araujo is looking to set uup a triangle. Webb recognizes the danger and postures out. Webb hasn’t done much from the top. Araujo had done a great job controlling posture and preventing much damage from the top. Araujo scrambles and sweeps. He’s on top looking to pass the guard of Webb. If he stays on top this fight is his. Webb is throwing from his back, but he has to get off his back. Araujo seems content to land to the body and retain top control at this point. Webb is landing punches off his back but it will not be enough to win this fight. Webb grabs an ankle and is going for an ankle lock. Araujo counters, and after another scramble, Webb is on top. That may have been enough for him to get a third round. Short elbows for Webb to end the round.

As both fighters prepare for a possible third round, the word comes in that there is in fact a decision. Dana White enters the cage and announces that Igor Araujo wins the fight by majority decision.

Dana White explains that Herron-Webb was robbed on the cards and deserved a third round. He enters the locker room and lets Herron-Webb know how he feels about the decision. Webb is disappointed, but explains that he is ready to continue to learn and improve in this competition.

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