Ed Clay video blog – Brandon Vera and Dave Herman training camp days 1-3

Nashville MMA owner Ed Clay has turned the camera on for us as heavyweight up-and-comer Dave “Pee Wee” Herman, Dustin Ortiz, and himself travel to San Diego to hook up with fellow Team Lloyd Irvin fighter Brandon Vera at his Alliance Training Center.

With Ortiz fighting at Gameness on Nov. 6 in Nashville, Herman fighting on Nov. 7 at Sengoku in Japan, and Vera fighting Randy Couture on Nov. 14 in England, this is one busy team of fighters! Ed has promised to film the whole thing (at least three video blogs a week), so be sure to check back to see how the guys are getting along in their training. Then watch their fights and see how they do!

Video blogs two and three after the jump…

Day 2

Day 3

Stay tuned – more video blogs on the way!

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