UFC 100 fighter salaries

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the fighter salaries for UFC 100 as promoters are required by law to submit the salary information to the athletic commission.

Also included are bonuses of a record $100,000 for Fight of the Night to Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alan Belcher, Knockout of the Night to Dan Henderson and Submission of the Night to Tom Lawlor. The total payroll for UFC 100 was: $1,790,000 with a live gate of $5.1 million.

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Dana White UFC 100 video blog (7-11-09)

Here is Dana’s final video blog for UFC 100 in two parts. The video shows right up to the point where Buffer is going to pull off his 360. Someone needs to look into why the UFC is suppressing the Buffer 360!! This is not right! However, we do get to see the pushing match between Rashad and Rampage that is broken up by Royce Gracie and much more.

Part 1

Part 2 after the jump…

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Jose Conseco & Brian Bowles talk with Straka

WEC’s number one bantamweight contender Brian Bowles joined former professional baseball player and MMA dabbler Jose Conseco in a special interview with FOX Fight Game host Mike Straka at the UFC Fan Expo. Bowles did not seem impressed by the Hong Man Choi punching bag. The best part is when Straka asks Bowles if he … Read more

Is Dana White the pot calling the kettle black?

Brock Lesnar smashed Frank Mir with a second round knockout victory at UFC 100 this past weekend. Following the referee’s stoppage of the bout Brock made some derogatory comments to Mir, flipped off the booing crowd, and then gave a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan that had the UFC President in an uproar. If you missed what Brock had to say or do not remember, the following video will refresh your memory:

The next video shows Mr. White at the post-fight presser letting the media know exactly what he thought about Lesnar’s comments and actions:

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Hendo says Bisping “hits like a bitch”

If Michael Bisping had a chance to win his fight with Dan Henderson at UFC 100, most people would probably agree it would have been on the feet.

Once the fight started Bisping appeared tentative and unwilling to stand in the pocket. He stayed on his bicycle for the entire first round. He appeared a bit hesitant. When he did engage it was quickly in, then quickly back out.

When top UFC fighters like Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva employ similar strategies often referred to as “elusive,” their movements are natural and fluid, and when they attack it is precise, without hesitation, and accurate.

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UFC 100 post fight press conference

Quite a few interesting moments took place not only during the fights but also at the UFC 100 post-fight presser. Brock Lesnar seems to have got a good talking to from Dana White after the event due to his post-fight comments. For one thing, he dissed Bud Light which is one of the primary sponsors … Read more