Is Dana White the pot calling the kettle black?

Brock Lesnar smashed Frank Mir with a second round knockout victory at UFC 100 this past weekend. Following the referee’s stoppage of the bout Brock made some derogatory comments to Mir, flipped off the booing crowd, and then gave a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan that had the UFC President in an uproar. If you missed what Brock had to say or do not remember, the following video will refresh your memory:

The next video shows Mr. White at the post-fight presser letting the media know exactly what he thought about Lesnar’s comments and actions:

Steve Cofield hit the nail on the head with his analysis of the situation. White reportedly gave Brock a very harsh talking to after the event. Now that is a scene White should have put into his famous video blogs.

One can only imagine the F-Bombs that were flying in that room. It is true that Brock should not have said what he did about Bud Light which is one of the UFC’s primary sponsors. That was definitely uncalled for and inexcusable.

However, everything else he did and said should be applauded, or at the very least not condemned. White tried to convince everyone at the post-fight presser that what we saw was “not really who Brock is” and “he’s a good guy.”

Who cares if he is a good guy? Fans are interested in exciting fights and entertainment, and if Brock is anything, he is entertaining. Why try to stifle that? You want to make him more like Frank Mir?

Is Frank Mir supposed to be the epitome of character and the so-called “proper MMA attitude?” In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal Mir said next time hopefully he will show Brock “how someone is supposed to act in victory.” Seriously? This is coming from the guy who used to gloat over breaking Tim Sylvia’s arm.

At least Brock is making people feel something. Love him or hate him, Brock is arousing emotions in people, and UFC fans will tune in to either cheer him on, or in the hope someone shuts him up. Either way, it is good business.

How many people over the years have said Dana White did not act the way the President of a sports organization should? Has he changed, or backed off on the F-Bombs? Hopefully Brock will follow the great example his boss has set.

This appears to be a case of White telling someone to “do what I say, but not as I do.” Dana has set the standard of someone who acts the way they want to regardless of what people think. Hopefully Brock will follow that lead, and not change a damn thing.

What is your opinion on all of this? We want to know your thoughts.

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