Tito Ortiz Says He’s Going To Slap Dana White….This Weekend on TV!!!

He doesn’t say why or what it’s all about but Tito made an a new post on the Underground today entitled, “It’s On.”  And here’s the exact post word-for-word, “Dana is going to get a SLAP!!! This weekend. I will be front row and walk up and slap him! just watch when I get kick … Read more

Rashad Evans to take on Chuck Liddell at UFC 88 in Atlanta

by:  Jack Bratcher According to  ESPN: The Magazine Chuck Liddell’s opponent for the UFC’s Atlanta debut will be none other than the Sugar man himself, Rashad Evans. Iceman and Sugar……whaddaya get? Icecream! So it should be one sweet fight right? Ok enough of that. Seriously though, it should be a good fight. This fight was … Read more


[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.597966&w=425&h=350&fv=videoUrl%3Drtmp%253A%252F%252Fstream%252Emaxim%252Ecom%252Fondemand%252Fvideo%252F29001%252D29500%252F29266%255FTito%255FOrtiz%255Fhires%252Eflv%26videoFileName%3D29001%252D29500%252F29266%255FTito%255FOrtiz%255Fhires%26isVideoAutoPlaying%3D0%26isVideoEmbedded%3Dtrue%26lightningCast%3Dadfree%253Ageneral%26maximPath%3D%252FTitoortizinsixquestions%252Fvideo%252F26371%252Easpx%26pageName%3Dvideo%253Asub%253A%253ATito%2520Ortiz%2520in%2520Six%2520Questions%26videoImageURL%3Db56f3b1c%252D5433%252D4070%252D84e2%252D4b66a9efd8f5] more about “Tito Ortiz: ‘Fighting at heavyweight …“, posted with vodpod Please like & share:

New Tito Ortiz radio interview with Dan Patrick

Here is a new radio interview with Tito Ortiz.. This is a pretty good interview with Tito. He talks about his new book, “This is Gonna Hurt”.  He also discusses his relationship with Jenna Jameson and how they met.  Tito also touches on Kimbo, CBS, of course the UFC and alot of other stuff. Check it out. … Read more

Tito Ortiz Not Yet Finished With UFC

by: Jack Bratcher If Tito thought he could just walk away from the UFC with no repercussions, well that wasn’t going to happen. At least not if you plan to still make some money off the UFC brand. According to MMAPayout.com the UFC has served Ortiz with a cease-and-desist request. The complaint is in reference … Read more

New Interview with Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was recently in London and spoke with the U.K. website called SKY SHOWBIZ. It seems she has a new reality show coming out. She talks about her new movie Zombie strippers. She talks about Britney Spears and seems to feel like she can relate to her. Of course Jenna talks about Tito Ortiz … Read more

Lyoto Machida was Dana White’s Assassin

by: Jack Bratcher Dana White told Las Vegas radio personality, Steve Cofield that Lyoto Machida was his “assassin” he hand picked to beat Tito Ortiz. I knew it instinctively but to hear him actually verbalize it was an important confirmation. Dana had also said in the weeks leading up to UFC 84 that he wanted … Read more


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU08Qb0VrN0&hl=en] Watch as Tito Ortiz starts doing his own post-fight press conference at UFC 84 before Dana White and the other fighters even get there. You can hear Jenna urge him own with shouts of “freedom of the press” and “take it outside, the reporters will follow.” Please like & share:

Tito’s Triangle at UFC 84

This was Tito’s only hope; a last minute triangle to armbar attempt that quickly failed. Lyoto Machida went on to win a unanimous decision in which could very well be Tito Ortiz’s last fight in the UFC. Notice Tito’s raw leg in the picture; tell tale sign of Machida’s leg kicks. Please like & share: