UFC ring girls get the boot – conspiracy theory included

Photo by ProMMA.info

Apparently, UFC ring girls Logan Stanton and Natasha Wix have been released from the best job they ever had – walking around a cage of fighters with thousands of men hootin’ and hollarin’ at you.

Although the reasons for the two ladies’ forced exit from the company have not been disclosed, let us look to that one aspect of modern society that always provides us with clues… Twitter:

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Arianny Celeste turns over a new leaf

If you’ve been following the career of Arianny Celeste closely, you are bound to have noticed the change in her demeanor over time. In her early days with the UFC she looked very stoic and blank with little show of personality. Over the past year especially there’s been a blossoming of sorts. Her smile has become more genuine and there seems to be more life now behind those eyes. It’s almost as if she has learned to “own” her sexy. Finally we’ve gotten some good pics here of this more “mature” Arianny.

More Arianny pics after the jump…

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by:  Jack Bratcher

Most of you will recognize this beautiful young lady as a former UFC Ring Girl and she made a lot of fans there.  Many have said that she and Arianny Celeste made the best Ring Girl team of all time.  She still has ties to the MMA world in more ways than one.  You will learn here that there’s much more to this young lady than just a pretty face.  But honestly, when you have a face that pretty, do you really  need more?  Probably not.  Regardless of that, PRO MMA is proud to present to you, Ms. Ali Sonoma!

PRO MMA:  Ali Sonoma. I have always loved that name. Could you tell us your full name and how your parents picked the name Ali for you? Is “Ali” short for anything?
My full name is Alison Amanda Sonoma, I was named after Ali McGraw from the classic movie ‘Love Story’…I was always called Ali, I only get “Alison” when I’m in trouble.

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Arianny Celeste Training at Xtreme Couture (Video)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.610504&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about "Arianny Celeste Visits Xtreme Couture…", posted with vodpod Here’s a side of Arianny most of us haven’t seen and what a good side it is. I have to break some news here….Arianny is smokin hot! Not just hot…smokin hot! And check out her striking technique; not bad at all. I think … Read more